Literary Feasts: The Midwife, by Jennifer Worth


literary-feasts3I love reading about food in books.  I like to cook and I love to eat even more.  So some Friday’s I’ll be sharing the culinary delights that I have come across in my reading. What better way to start off the weekend than thinking about good food in a good book?

This week’s words about Food come from The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times, by Jennifer Worth. This book is so good, I highly recommend it.

Breakfast was laid out in the dining room, and I would take mine first, then go to bed for a few hours.  I raided the larder. A pot of tea, boiled eggs, toast, home-made gooseberry jam, cornflakes, home-made yogurt and scones.  Heaven! Nuns always have a lot of home-made food, I had discovered.  The preserves came from the many church bazaars and sales that seemed to go on throughout the year. The delicious cakes and biscuits and crunchy bread were either made by nuns or by the many local women who  came to work in the Nonnatus House.

Have you come across any good food in your reading this week?

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  1. You always make me hungry with these!

    The only thing I read about food this week was a description of some very bad peanut nougat “bob bon” that had the consistency of chalk but then adhered to the person’s teeth. It was in The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, which is set in the 1860s, so the good news is that readers won’t risk ever encountering the candy itself.

    Rose City Reader’s last blog post..T.G.I.G.F.

    1. Bad peanut nougat does not sound appetizing at all. I’m surprised that a book with a name like The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire wouldn’t have some good food in it.

  2. Great idea to feature food books on Friday. I love to read foodie books too. I am finishing up Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain. (Review should be posted by Monday.) My favorites are by Ruth Reichl, especially her Garlic and Sapphires. There had been a challenge called Books About Food that ended in March. It was a lot of fun. I’ll keep watching your Friday posts.

    Margot’s last blog post..Remembering My First Job

    1. Margot, thanks for the recommendation. I am going to go and read your review if Kitchen Confidential. I love reading about food!

    1. It’s been giving me so many problems. I think if you unsubcribe and re-subscribe it should work now. At least it’s finally showing that I have subscribers again.

  3. Great idea! I love foodie books and I’m impressed that you could zero in on food in a book on Midwives! BTW, I’ve added The Midwife to my Friday Finds post, it’s going on my wishlist.

    Bonnie’s last blog post..Friday Finds (April 10)