Mailbox Monday


I took a totally unintentional blogging vacation. I went out for a friend’s birthday Friday Night and had yummy sangria and Mexican food and then Saturday Night a friend had a housewarming party and I had yummy sangria and appetizers.  And then on Sunday I played bocce and my friend came over for dinner after, and we watched <em>I Am Legend</em> which I didn’t think was that great.

But in the midst of all that, I had two books arrive.  One of which I have already finished.  That should be a review in and of itself.  Can you guess which one?



If you’d like to play along visit Marcia at The Printed Page.

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  1. My guess would be Testimony. By the way, I wasn’t crazy about I Am Legend either. I just hated that the dog had to die. That ruined the movie for me.

  2. I’m guessing Testimony too.
    I love the cover of Time of My Life. I’ve not heard of that one.
    Nicole, sounds like you had a great weekend. Much more eventful than mine!

  3. Kathy ~ It was over once Samantha died. Movies can be realistic in any way that they want but once animals die, that’s it.
    Lissa ~ I’m sure the story was the way to go. Reading over watching usually is.
    Shana ~ It was a lot of fun, but I knew that I was going to pay for it during the week. And I am!
    Wendi ~ I’ll be interested to see what you get! I’m sure it will just make me want to add to a TBR pile that doesn’t need any more books.
    Kathy, Shana, Carol and Avis ~ You are all right! I got it on Thursday during my lunch break, kicked myself for leaving it on my desk at work, picked it up again and was finished by Saturday morning. If I hadn’t been out I’m sure I would have finished on Friday night.

  4. Thank you for stopping by the ‘Mailbox’. I’ll have to admit I’ve finally given up reading Anita Shreve. I’ve tried a several of different times to read her books and it’s been disastrous each time. The only one I made it through was ‘Light on Snow’.

  5. Can’t wait to read Testimony!
    I was expecting so much more from I Am Legend. It wasn’t completely horrible, but I hated the ending.