On The Shelves: New Book Releases- April 17 – April 30, 2011

On The Shelf

Having already read Marcia Clark‘s Guilt By Association (Mulholland Books), I can tell you that enjoyed it quite a bit. I love the characters and I want to see them back. It will be interesting to see how well Clark’s book does, being that she is somewhat of a celebrity author. Notice how her name is the biggest thing on the cover. It’s just as much a selling point as anything else, even though I think a fair number of people might not be willing to give her a shot because of that same name! Daniel Woodrell’s The Bayou Trilogy: is one that I was SO excited to get my hands on because I thought he did such a fantastic job with Winter’s Bone. I have started in on this one and I have to say that he has quite a talent for inhabiting a world and its characters. From what I have read, his work doesn’t suffer from lack of authenticity.

Rounding out the books on my shelf are three that I haven’t read but will be getting to shortly. 22 Britannia Road by Amanda Hodgkinson appealed to me since it deals with a family that is reunited after suffering separately during World War II. However, their reunion is threatened by secrets that have developed between them in the intervening years. Nosy me wants to know what those secrets are! I have heard whispers from friends that The Violets of March by Sarah Jio is a stellar read. It definitely seems to have all the elements of a good story. A woman whose had the perfect life awakes to the fact that it is all falling apart. Luckily she has a friend who lends her a cottage by the sea. She goes there to take a moment to heal and while she’s at it, finds an old diary that offers perspective for her own circumstances.

Jen (Devourer of Books) and I will be chatting with Arthur Phillips on an upcoming episode of our classic themed podcast What’s Old Is New. Phillips’s book The Tragedy of Arthur explores what happens to an already dysfunctional family when they uncover a lost play of Shakespeare and work together in an attempt to stage it, though it could be an elaborate hoax by Arthur’s con man dad. I am intrigued.


As usual, the wishlist far outnumbers what I have on my shelves.


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    1. Well I can say that 22 Britannia Road is definitely drool worthy. I started on it this morning and I am sure that it is going to be a great read.

    1. Yep. There are actually three books that were separately published that have been collected into this one. I am reading the first on and will review it next week. It’s very good but not my reading style. I’m not sure if I will read all the books. I might just stop after the first one.

  1. All of these sound like great books, but for some reason The Violets of March sounds extra appealing to me. Thanks for sharing this spotlight with us. I mooched a few good titles from it, and hope to be reading them soon!

    1. I think that there is something very appealing about going off to find yourself in a beautiful place and discovering that there is a bot of a mystery connected to it. That’s one of the things that I am looking forward to when I get to sit and read this.

  2. Wow great book selections. I should try to get my hands on one of them. I already read some of the books that you already have on your book shelf. I have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Love the array you have up here – many are titles I am hoping to read too. The Tragedy of Arthur, especially is making me curious.

  4. I love the cover of The Sly Company of People Who Care! I have If Sons, Then Heirs, and am looking forward to getting to that, and I’m REALLY looking forward to our talk with Arthur Phillips about The Tragedy of Arthur.

  5. I will be adding a few of these books to my list. The MMBC will be reading and discussing Violets of March with the author this summer.

  6. I am on PINS AND NEEDLES to read “The Tragedy of Arthur”, have been hearing lots about it lately. It must be mine! Your to-read list looks great, hope you enjoy every single one of the books you read on it!