On My Shelves: New Book Releases – March 27 – April 2, 2011

On My Shelves


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    1. I just got a copy of the ARC in the mail today, so I guess I can cross it off my list. I am tempted to sink into it now, but I am in the middle of reading something else that is really good.

  1. I think The girl Who Would Speak To The Dead looks great! So many books… I think I have to quit everything just to get caught up on all the great books out there 😉

    1. Even if you do, I still don’t think it’s possible. The only way to have a chance is to stop reading blogs, so maybe you wouldn’t know all that you were missing.

  2. LOL! Well, my BFF is eager to read it, so I’ll give her the one I just bought! So funny.

    1. I know I have it, and now I can’t find my copy! I have been looking for it. I am starting to think it might be in storage.

    1. A friend of mine was saying that she really was intrigued by the cover on that one and she mentioned the bar code. I am not really a cover person, so I missed that all together. It’s kind of a strange sounding book though.