Odds and Ends – 8/14/11 + BOOK CLUB Giveaway

The True Memoirs of Little K, by Adrienne Sharp

The first couple weeks of August have come and almost gone. I can hardly believe it. Can we also say bah humbug to scheduled posts being marked “missed schedule”? My absence from the blog was not supposed to be nearly as noticeable as it was.

Anyway…I finished 7Β  books in July. I haven’t read as many book I usually read in a year. If I continue at the rate that I have been I will probably read just over two books each week, as opposed to three or more in previous years.

I had a few giveaways in the works, and it is time to announce some winners

I also have all of my Agatha Christie winners to announce. I’ll do that soon.

It’s also time to hold another giveaway for BOOK CLUB! These come around so fast. This month on Tuesday, August 23rd, we will beΒ  discussing Michael Cunningham’s By Nightfall here on Linus’s Blanket. Next month at Jen’s blog, we will be discussing The Memoirs of Little K, by Adrienne Sharp.

About the book: Exiled in Paris, the frail, elderly Mathilde Kschessinska sits down to write her memoirs. A lifetime ago, she was the vain, ambitious, impossibly charming prima ballerina assoluta of the tsar’s Russian Imperial Ballet in St. Petersburg. Kschessinska’s riveting storytelling soon thrusts us into a world lost to time: that great intersection of the Russian court and the Russian theater. Through Kschessinska’s memories of her own triumphs and defeats, we witness the stories that changed history, from the seething beginnings of revolution to the end of a grand, decadent way of life that belonged to the nineteenth century. Based on fact, The True Memoirs of Little K is “an engrossing tale of love, loss, and history” (The Wichita Eagle).

Checkout: The Picador Book Club Facebook Page and Adrienne Sharp’s Website.

To participate in the August BOOK CLUB, please fill out this form by noon tomorrow, Monday, August 15. All information will be discarded if you aren’t selected to receive a copy of the book. Your mailing address will be used to mail the book to you should you be selected as a winner. Only those selected as winners will be contacted by email.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 August BOOK CLUB Giveaway   By Nightfall, by Michael Cunningham

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  1. It is possible that the day is coming to my blog soon where I shall have no more pre-planned posts. My reading has been like slogging through the mud after I came back from my vacations, and my nice little buffer is dwindling away. I’m trying to think positively that life is going to get more organized in another month or so.

  2. I also am running out of preplanned posts, and it makes me rather nervous to think I’ve got nothing waiting in the wings. I hope that you end up liking The True Memoirs of Little K. It was a good book, but certain bits took a lot of patience.

  3. I think I barely get 2 or 3 books read in a month, so I am always intrigued to see how everyone else gets so many done πŸ™‚

  4. Even tho I missed the signup for your book club I might try to get a copy of my own to read/chat along — it looks so good!