Old or New? Comparing Re-Reads and First Reads: A Shelf Discovery Mini Challenge

Aren’t you sad?  We are going into the last few months of the Shelf Discovery Challenge, hosted by Julie of Booking Mama.  I have had a ton of fun going back and re-visiting these old classics, and I am finding that a few of them still resonate with me and are some of my favorite books even now.

One of the things that I have been really curious about in reading these books is how I am interacting with re-reads in comparison to my response to books that I am reading for the very first time.  Do I like them more if I  had read them in the past, and do they seem to be as realistic or does nostalgia give them a bit of a boost in that department? Am I harder on books that I am just now reading for the first time?  More critical?  Less accepting of the reality that is presented to me?  How are you finding that the reading experiences of books that you have read for the first time as opposed to re-reads compare to each other?

To enter this mini-challenge you have to be a registered participant of The Shelf  Discovery Challenge, so if this sounds like fun and you’re not registered, head on over to Julie’s blog to sign up.  You can either leave a comment here exploring some of the questions that I have posed or you can write a post on your own blog exploring some of these questions about the books that you have read and leave a link in the comments.

Each entry is in the running to win a $10 gift certificate to Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Noble or any other bookseller that will allow me to send you a gift certificate online.  You have until Tax Day, April 15th, to enter.  I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

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Happy reading & enjoy the rest of the challenge!

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  1. I've been thinking about this a lot with my reread, too! In fact, I've definitely been leaning more towards rereads than new reads for the Shelf Discovery Challenge. I have been nervous that some books wouldn't hold up and I'd ruin the memory of how much I'd loved them. Luckily, they pretty much all have held up! But the exception is that, as an adult I am a much faster reader, not to mention I am always a faster reader when I am familiar with the characters/story. And as these books are already fairly short, it often means I can finish them in less than 2 hours. I find that really short time span prevents me from really getting lost in the book, and really getting to know the characters, like I could when I was a preteen.

    Here's one of my reviews of a Challenge book (and another classic from the era) where I do talk about the difference between reading them now versus then: http://carolinebookbinder.blogspot.com/2009/12/jo

  2. I don't tend to re-read books. Even the ones I'm reading for this challenge are either new to me or I've long since forgotten them. I do think that I'm more critical of kids books in general than I used to be. I'm seeing them as a parent not as a kid, and I don't get as lost in them as I would have at the "right" age.

  3. I did reread books but that was a really long time ago. Now there are just too many amazing books out there to read. I want to read all of them and I worry about not doing so. I read a post a few days ago about something a blogger called "book mortality" …I can't remember who posted this but she did say she was sad that she might die before reading all of the books she wanted to read. All the more reason to not reread and keep that book imortality at bay!!!