Other Press Event & Some Book Acquisitions

Last Tuesday night, Other Press hosted a happy hour for bloggers and other publishing industry professionals at Antarctica Bar. It was great fun to have a few drinks (I discovered vodka and pineapple juice is yummy.), match faces with names, and get to know the people behind the books a little bit better.  Lively conversations were abound and at one point or another during the evening the topics turned to whether readers and bloggers were interested in backlists (they are!), original trade paperbacks vs. hardcovers, Amazon vs. Indies and just how we will know what the person across the way from us is reading if they are reading on an e-reader!  And since no book event is complete without a few goodies, I came away with a few good reads.

Other Press has a great tote bag and they allowed me to put a few books in it! Exciting.

In addition they have  quite a few books coming up that have me on the lookout.

It was a great event.  I basically jump-started my blogging career with Other Press – Hurry Down Sunshine, by Michael Greenberg was one of the first review copies that I received – it was a little sad, but a great read.  I asked how many book they have out at a time (for Spring, Summer and Fall seasons), and they said usually no more than eight.  Not only do they have great titles, but they make it relatively easily for you to read all of them.

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  1. This must have been so much fun to attend. I imagine you came away wishing you could figure out how to read three books a day. (Maybe you could after a vodka and pineapple juice!)

  2. I requested many of the books above from netgalley. I really should start reading them. I have been very excited about all their titles, actually.

  3. Sounds like a really fun event! I’m going to keep a lookout for some of those titles; they look interesting.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful event. I could really go for some vodka and pinapple juice! The books you got look really good–I have been wanting to read The Wrong Blood.

  5. First, totally jealous. I would love to have attended that event (and not just for the books). Yes, I completely agree Vodka + Pineapple = Yummy. I just got Mr. Toppit from the library and I can’t wait to sink into it. I’ll be keeping my eye out for Other Press titles.

  6. Oh how FUN! I’m not around enough real live bookish people, enough. Most of my friends are science/numbers folks. This would have been too much fun.