1. Rosalie

    It seems that we are similar in the idea of writing at set time and places. That way, I can focus on my creative juices. However, there are moments that I write whenever I get that impulsive.

  2. Naigel

    I am fun of reading but not writing, I am pretty amaze in every creation that I knew with… Writer is simply amazing…

  3. Maryden25

    Great post and great interview! I do listening to music or watching television while writing. I don’t know.. I used to it already.. I can think more when doing two things at the same..

  4. Martha @ Hey, I want to read that

    I love these interviews. It’s so nice getting an insight to how some of my favorite authors do what they do.

  5. Nancy

    Seriously? First written novel during elementary? No wonder she makes incredible writing pieces. :) I would love to write my own novel but I guess I am not that gifted when it comes to it. Might as well enjoy reading books instead. :)

  6. Grace Sevilly

    I have always loved Laura Dave, and this post just gives us fans more insight into her mind. Thanks for a wonderful and insightful interview!

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