Oz the Great and Powerful (Movie Trailer)

Oh internet, where have I been? This is what happens when you don’t have a television and you skip all the ads online. In the five seconds I was waiting to skip an ad on YouTube, I saw that there was a trailer for an Oz movie, which okay, I had heard vague rumbling about. I thought it was coming out next year, but it is out today, and I have just spent my morning (thus far, it is only 6:30 now) watching all the trailers and promo.

I think it looks fabulous. Of course, the fascinating part about all of this is that we know who this dude becomes. When Dorothy finds him, however many years down the road, he has become a prisoner to his own hype and image – hiding out from his people, and behind a lot of smoke and mirrors, to hold onto his power. Now we see him as he started out; ambitious, frustrated by the limitations of life in a small town, and surprised by an opportunity to be a big man in a troubled city. This is one instance where I love knowing the end.

Oh yeah, brought to you by the post I mercilessly bumped to talk about Oz this morning. You’ll see that post on Sunday.

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  1. My son and I were perusing the new movies out this weekend and honestly this is the only one with promise. The Wizard is a classic in our house…the kids have watched it since they were wee ones. Each one of us has their own little bits of baggage (monkeys, tornadoes, etc.) but we love it. We may need to get out and see this one.

  2. Nice review Nicole. Don’t expect to see the classic in top-form, just expect to see something like it, be happy, click your ruby slippers three times, and have a grand time. That’s what happened to me.