Perfect on Paper by Janet Goss – Book Review

Dana Mayo has only been in love with one man in her entire life, and she broke off her relationship with him because he was no good for her, and married to someone else to boot. After twenty years of carrying the torch, she resolves to move on with her life so that she can finally find a man worthy of her attention. Hilarity ensues.

Dana is funny and smart and it is easy to imagine having variations of the conversation that she has with her best girlfriend, a burgeoning agoraphobic.  Dana’s juggling of her two prospects, Hank, a handsome carpenter with an adorable pet pig, and Billy, a sexy young thing with the knack for crossword puzzle construction provide the bulk of the comedy. Dana feels that both men are inappropriate in their own way. But of course, she can’t quite give either of them up.

Janet Goss’s Perfect on Paper is a lovely mix of humor and romance, and it’s engaging from start to finish. Dana’s concern over her obsession with the love of her life, and the ability to move on successfully from that relationship is a familiar enough issue over the course of life and friendships – though hopefully none of us are stuck for twenty years!  Quirky characters, and numerous plot twists make this a quick and fun read, especially for crossword puzzle enthusiasts. Recommended.

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  1. This does sound quirky and fun, and like something that I might like. I am glad that it was a satisfying read for you, and since I love crossword puzzles, I think this one sounds interesting on a whole lot of levels for me!

    1. Hi Janet…I am your Mom’s next door neighbor in Chapel Hill, and she gave me a copy of your book yesterday. Our daughter, a psychologist who reviews sometimes for Amazon, is visiting from Seattle. She picked up your book and has been reading it and giggling on and off all day…she loves it! Congratulations!
      I look forward to seeing you down here soon, as I am told your will be! I will read your book as soon as I can get my hands on it!!

      1. Vivienne–great to hear from you! Yes, Mom told me she gave a copy to your daughter; thrilled she’s enjoying it! I expect to be doing a mini book tour down your way in late May/early June; looking forward to seeing you and Maury.

  2. I love quirky characters. This one sounds like fun and is going on my list.

    Happy weekend, Nicole!

    1. Gayle, I meant to mention this to you when I saw that one of your FB updates involved the crossword competition! Definitely not your normal fare, but it’s cute. When you go looking for a palate cleanser, give it a try.

    2. Gayle–sounds like you were at ACPT a week ago, as was I (competing under my maiden name; see #186). If you’re there next week, look for me in the bar–I’m a fixture.

  3. I love a fun palate cleaning book with quirky characters. This sounds like a fun read.