Random Musings & Lost by Cathy Ostlere


I’m in my bedroom, book by my side, and enjoying a glass of Chianti that I got last month in Rome. In the distance, in the kitchen, I hear a bag rustling and I know that one of my cats is rifling through the garbage; making a mess for me, but I am too relaxed to get up and shoo them/her/him away.

jane-austenThis morning I finished the book that I was reading on Jane Austen by Carol Shields. Biographies are always interesting to me because I spend half my time fascinated by the story, and the other half rolling my eyes at the author because I think, how can they possibly know and draw some of the conclusions that they make about the subject of their biography? But it’s the nature of human beings. I roll my eyes at myself when I get all carried away trying to figure out people and their complex motives and situations, trying to know what I can’t possibly know about other people. We’re all about conjecture, speculation and figuring things out. Still, Carol speculated well, and I will have more to say on the book shortly (as in a few days, maybe?).


Lost came in the mail yesterday. It’s by Canadian author Cathy Ostlere. I am already about 55 pages in, and am enjoying the read. Well, as much as one can enjoy a memoir about woman whose family is undergoing a crisis. Ostlere’s brother and his girlfriend have set out to sail a twenty seven foot boat around the Azores on the Atlantic Ocean and have not been heard from in over four weeks. Ostlere goes looking to find out what happened to them, and I am hooked.

Her writing is haunting and exquisite.

“In the last month I have held little of my brother in my mind. How carelessly I slipped into neglectfulness, and now I find myself in the present with with nothing but questions. I am ashamed. One of the acts of love is to hold memory.”

“I imagine how my home Province of Manitoba will look next month- a thin layer of early snow covering the roads and fields, pale footprints in long straight lines, and a thousand grey lakes turned wild by November winds.”

I’m having a quiet evening in while I read some more.

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