Reading Notes – January 16, 2011 [TSS]

Sunday Salon

Happy Sunday everyone!

Another week is upon us, and last week was a pretty good reading week for me, even if I was following two completely different resolutions.  I read more and less! There were some days that I purposefully took the time out to read for a chunk of time and there were others where I didn’t get a chance to read.  Both were okay and worked really well.  When I could get in that reading mode, I went for it and milked it as much as possible, and when I was absorbed in other things and not able to concentrate, I figured that it wouldn’t be beneficial to be reading at that time anyway.

True to another resolution I put two books aside this week.  I started both Nocturne, by Syrie James and The Irish Princess, by Karen Harper, and got 62 pages, and 140 pages into them, respectively, before making the decision to pass them along to readers who will enjoy them more.  I will have more to say about both books later this week.

I did finish and will be writing up reviews for: Choker, by Elizabeth Woods, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson, and Living Richly: Seizing the Potential of Inherited Wealth, by Myra Salzer.

A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness showed up at my doorstep Tuesday morning, tackled me  and wrestled me to the ground.  I spent most of the day trying to resist its charms, but then by that night I had read a chapter and was totally hooked. Luckily I have made some steady progress in other books that I planned on reading this month, so I am feeling less guilty about tossing that list to the side and reading this one.  You would think that by now I would be much further along than page 153, but at just shy of 600 pages, this book is tome like.

It doesn’t travel well, and I’m afraid to take it in the bathtub where it could get away from me and take a dive.  You might think the portability issue would make me long for an e-reader of some kind, but this has just added a specialness on my reading time with this book.  It’s a savory read as it is, so it’s almost ritual like when I can look forward into curling up on the couch or sprawling across the bed and reading a few pages, well, more like several chapters.

What made it so hard to resist?  Oh my, the list is long.  History, witches, vampires, Oxford College, wine.  I love this book!

Last week , I posted my review of Wide Sargasso Sea.  I thought that Jean Rhys constructed a believable Rochester based on what I knew of him in Jane Eyre.  She is even pretty fair to him, giving him excuses reasons for being such a creep in his marriage (understatement of the year). Still – I don’t like him.  Neither Wide Sargasso Sea nor Jane Eyre did him any favors in my book.

Hmmm.  What else?  I also posted my thoughts on Revolution, by Jennifer Donnelly. I was glad to find that I really enjoyed her writing since I at some point want to read her Tea Rose Trilogy.  Unfortunately the end of Revolution left me not feeling the same way that I had felt for most of the book.  I hate when that happens.

Also this week, I started an association dedicated to getting New Yorkish area bloggers to have brunch with me, announced the next BOOK CLUB selection, told you all about the resolutions I intend to break this year, met the hosts of Conviction Kitchen, and once again got all ranty about Bones.

As for today and my reading plans, I have nowhere to be, so guess what I will be reading?  Just guess?

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How about you?  What are you reading today?

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  1. Methinks you will be reading about witches! And the way you described it, I can’t really blame you. We’ll see if I get any sitting time today to read. If so, I will keep charging through The Cypress House.

    1. As it turned out I was only able to get another chapter in. I felt like writing a few reviews (a minor miracle), so I had to just go with that. But my window seat is calling me. Today I will do some damage.

  2. Dang it Nicole! Another book to put on the wish list? A Discovery of Witches sounds excellent. I’m sorry to hear Nocturne is a DNF for you; I still haven’t started it.

    1. I’m not surprised about Nocturne. it’s not the book. I love James’ historical stuff but I am just not really a contemporary romance girl. I thought that since she was writing it, it might be a little different, but contemporary romance is contemporary romance.