In Review: January 2011

I had my January list all ready to go and I am happy to say that I at least made a dent in the books that I targeted to read.  I also managed to keep up with reviews, and have them all ready to go soon after I read the book.  I always let them rest a few days to see how to make sure that they were indeed my final thoughts.  It also helps that I had a bit of a backlog, so I haven’t gone full swing with my reviews from 2011.  Reviews from 2010 are still popping up all over the place!

Read in January:

Books I Didn’t Finish:

Other Reviews This Month:

Guest Posts:

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  1. If I had a tomato I’d throw it at you! Because I am SO far behind on my reviews. I got caught up then it got away from me again. Bleck. You had a great month though!

  2. Wow, I thought I was doing well getting nine books read in January and poo on you. I’m so behind on my reviews I can’t believe it. I’m hoping to catch up this week. I’m also going to be brave and officially DNF a couple of books.

  3. Excellent list. I wish I could read as many in one month. I’m just finishing up #3 for Jan. I would *really* love to read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, by Robert Louis Stevenson. The Girl In The Green Raincoat, by Laura Lippman looks really interesting also.

  4. You sure had an AWESOME month! It’s so wonderful to have a great start to a year! On the contrary, I had a really slow start, I guess it has to do with the list-making, challenge-exploring and time-wasting that January brings about in me.