Rocca D’Evandro’s Haunted Castle



So I’m in Rocca D’Evandro which is this little village to the south of Rome in Italy. Really gorgeous. Right out of the movies. The village is small. They have narrow “streets” and walls that are from medieval times. A cross carved in concrete to commemorate a girl stabbed in the village in 1889. Supposedly the population is about 300 people, but I would think that number must only include the people that are living on the hill. I think the town proper must have more people. Anyway. It has a castle. I took a picture from far away and if you look closely you can see it in this picture. I also took a walk there one night with T and her Italian boyfriend (whose village it is) and he was telling us that people have seen people up there. He says this of course as we are walking up to see the castle on a road that is pitch black. No streetlights, a moon hidden by trees, and shadows and bushes everywhere. Wonderful. So the walk was a little edgy for my part. I was totally prepared to see something otherworldly and flip out completely.

T’s boyfriend also told us the story of a couple who had taken a walk up to the castle. They were hanging out and and enjoying the evening when her boyfriend saw a presence (something or someone) and took off running down the hill. Left his girlfriend. Got as far away as he possibly could and went to a bar! WTF? Had a drink and was telling everyone that he saw a ghost. So where was his girlfriend you might ask? Still up at the castle with no idea that he had seen something scary. No idea of anything at all, wondering what was going on, until she wandered down the hill and found her boyfriend telling his ghost story in a bar over a beer. And then she marries him. Well, not the next day or anything but she marries him!

T and I were blown away that they still got married after he was scared enough to flee because he saw something- and not take her with him. I think that would undermine my feeling of safety in a relationship. It might actually be a deal breaker. I wouldn’t feel the same about him and marriage would more than likely be out of the question for me. I don’t generally think of myself as needing anyone to defend me, and that’s not really even the point. I’m not bothered by the fact that he was scared, nor would I have expected him to do anything stupid (like in the movies where people go off to investigate), but at least if something scares the hell out of you- take me with you! That’s all I’m saying. Drag me along wondering if you have lost your mind. Throw me over your shoulder and run. Freak out a little, if you must, but then come back for me. Run past me and tell me to run too. Give me something to work with!

Who even knows what he saw, but what if it wasn’t a ghost but a real person who could have done her harm.


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