Round Up- January 1- 14, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone! Boy am I getting a late start this year.


There are almost always too many books to list when I look at what’s coming out from week to week. I managed to narrow it down- just a little bit- to the ones that caught my eye. I have the starred (*) ones on my shelf and I have even read the double starred ones (**).


Parnormal/ Dystopian



Literary Fiction

Historical Fiction


Classics Related

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  1. I am hoping to start Cinder this week, and the Crown is on my list for the end of the month as well. A lot of the other ones look great as well, and I am excited by your posting this lineup. Looks like I will have a lot of great books to choose from in the upcoming months! Thanks, Nicole!

    1. I think Swapna might be single-handedly responsible for half the book bloggers who want to read this book. I always think of her when I think of Thrity.

  2. I have read a few of the ones on your list, such as the Demi-Monde, Cinder, and 52 Small Changes. The Night Swsimmer and Running the Rift look like ones I’d enjoy! Nice list to read!

  3. I’m chomping at the bit for The Winter Palace and Iago. Really, everything on your list sounds like must reads. Happy New Year.

  4. Well hello there! I feel like we haven’t “spoken” in awhile! I just wanted to sit here and scream “Yes, yes, yes” and bang on the table like in When Harry Met Sally when I read your list here. I want them all.

    1. And I always have to weed stuff out. Not because I don’t want the books, I just get tired of working on the post! Are you planning on reading Running the Rift? That one was really good.

  5. Very nice and eclectic collection; many of which I hadn’t heard of! I’m going to check out The Invisible Ones, for some reason that title combined with the cover really grabbed me.

    Happy reading, Nichole!

    1. The Invisible Ones is a slow moving murder mystery with some very interesting ideas and twists along the way. I had mixed feelings about it, but I think most of my issues were with pacing. I’d love to kow what you thought if you do indeed pick it up.

    1. Ha! I don’t have much hope of keeping up. That’s part of why I like to have these lists. I can go back and check them out sometimes to catch up or see what I have still missed out on.

  6. Nicole, you’re adding more books to my reading list! I just finished writing down a list of books I’m hoping to read from NetGalley. I love all the non-fiction self-help you included, now I’m curious about it. Thanks for letting us know The Last Nude is coming out in paperback!

    1. I get so into the self-help at the beginning of the year. I like to read it anyway, but there is something about January that makes it irresistible. I hope you enjoy what you pick up.