1. Beachreader

    I wonder how Henry the 8th slept at night with all the ghosties and guilt hanging around. The Tower of London does have it’s own vivid. Thanks for the ghostly write-up.

  2. Fantastic post. I never knew these royals were haunting places. I can’t say I’m surprised to hear Anne Boleyn ghost is around, after what she went through. Kitty Howard as well. I wonder if King Henry VIII is haunting someplace?

  3. Anne Fescharek

    When I visited the Tower a few years ago I saw axe in a display case labeled: “Axe used in beheading of Anne Bolyen”. I freaked! I went to ask an attendant who seemed non-plussed. Then I asked her for a ghost story. She was much more eager to talk about that. She said one of her co-workers had seen a diaphanous shape walk through the the main hall of castle and right through a stone wall. Brits have no hang-ups about telling ghost stories unlike Americans. Ghosts are a fact of life to them! Henry VIII is not haunting anywhere since, unlike his victims, he never felt shock and betrayal at his own passing. His spirit is not disturbed, and, I’ll venture to guess, in a place from whence he cannot wander!

  4. Brrr, spooky. And fun because I remember studying all these ladies! 😀 I always felt sorry for poor little Lady Jane Grey. It wasn’t her fault.

  5. Veens

    Now you have officially creeped me out. I did not know that there were Royal Ghosts, and some of those scenes are going to play in my head.
    Amy, that was a great post anyway LOL! Thank you, Nicole :)

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