Seven Random Facts About Me & Books


A long, long time ago Avis of  She Reads and Reads tagged me for the book edition of the seven random facts meme. I’m just now getting this up.  (Bad me!) Click here to read her post.

Here are seven random book-related facts about me:

  • I currently have about 450 books stashed around my apartment.  Almost 400 of them are catalogued in LibraryThing, but the remaining 50 or more are cookbooks and music books which I have not entered in LT, and probably won’t.
  • I love to read across all genres but for a long time now I have read mainly non-fiction or literary fiction because in general I have found them to have been the most thoughtful and well written, two things that I am really big on. I have branched out and read more genre fiction this year and in some cases have been pleasantly surprised, especially most recently  with In The Woods by Tana French and Dating Da Vinci by Malena Lott.
  • If I go into a store and buy a book it will be a trade paperback book unless I really need it (for a book club or something) and I have no choice but to buy it in hardcover.  I’m also really particular about font size.  I have walked away from books that might have been good but the font was just too big or too ugly.  I’ll read books that people give me in any format.
  • I used to dog ear pages and write in books, but now I use little tabs and post-its to mark my place and to mark interesting passages.
  • I keep the books that I want to read sooner rather than later in my windowsill.
  • For years I bought every book I read.  This year I have gone to the library sporadically.
  • One of my fondest memories is the weekly trip that I would take to the library with my mother and cousin.  We would stay in the children’s section while she would look around at the adult books and then she would come and see what we had picked out.  We would all go and check out the books, my cousin and I so proud of our library cards.  The library was near the park so we would often go there afterward and I would look forward to getting a hot dog from the cart.  I went through a variety of stages with those hot dogs.  Just mustard.  Just ketchup. Only mustard and ketchup. Mustard and ketchup and onions and sauerkraut. You get the picture.  Good times!

I’m supposed to tag 7 other people, but at this point I have seen this on so many blogs, each time reminding me that I had to put mine up.  If you haven’t played along yet, let me know and I will “tag” you.

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  1. You’re the first person I’ve heard of who’s particular about font size. I do find large print books difficult to read, though.

  2. Kathy, I can be such a weirdo shopping for books.
    Beth, I play the piano. Well enough to write songs. I wouldn’t call myself a piano player by any stretch f the imagination. I need a lot more practice.

  3. I am weirdo too then. I have problem with fonts too 🙂 and the problem is, I am not sure what I dnt like 🙂
    the episode about the Younger times is so cute 🙂
    The books that I want to read sooner than later are stacked on my work table 🙂
    i buy all my books – as I have no decent library in my vicinity