Sherlock Holmes – Movie Trailer

This week on the blog is going to be mostly about Sherlock Holmes, I think.  Don’t hold me to that if you see other stuff popping up.  Jen and I read The Sherlockian, by Graham Moore and The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Arthur Conan Doyle in anticipation of or podcast about Sherlock Holmes with Graham Moore and Heather from Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books.  I’ll have reviews of both books up this week, and hopefully a post about some of the books that I will be examining in preparation of our upcoming discussion of Jane Eyre.  If anyone has any good stories based on Jane Eyre, let me know.

Now back to Sherlock.  I have seen many versions of this movie trailer and this is probably the one that appeals to me the most, and I think it’s because it has the least elements of teh humor of the movie.  Heather at Age 30+ Books said that this one was worth a look, so I will check it out on her recommendation but never in a million years would I have imagine Robert Downey Jr.  as Sherlock Holmes.  The first thing that pops into my head is, “Isn’t Holmes supposed to be tall?”

I like the way they allow Jude Law’s Watson to be a little critical of Holmes and that they have him mentioning some of his vices.  I am hoping that Watson gets to be a little bit smarter than he appears in the stories and the novels.  This is also a lot more action oriented that I ever dreamed that Homes would be, but I guess they had to update it.  Has anyone read the stories and seen this movie.  What did you think?

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Does anyone remember kids saying, “No shit Sherlock.”, in middle school.  I just thought about that and it cracked me up.  It’s really not that clever.

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  1. I saw this movie awhile ago and thought it was fun, if pretty far away from what I remembered about Sherlock Holmes. It’s very action-oriented, which I don’t remember from the books. But I did like the way they showed how Holmes’ mind works through some cool visuals.

  2. We just watched this movie a couple nights ago. It is excellent and well worth watching. Yes, I used to and still do sometimes say the no sh*t, sherlock.

  3. I want to watch this movie, I like this guy, whatever his name is 🙂 I am horrible at remembering names of Hollywood stars, sorry!

    I should read Sherlock too, I need to 🙂

    1. Do you mean Robert Downey Jr? He’s Holmes and Watson is Jude Law. You should try some stories. They are some nice short mystery reads.

  4. I loved this movie, but it is very much a re-imagining of Holmes. Do you ever watch the TV show House? Well, that was supposedly inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and then this Holmes seems to have been inspired, in turn, by House. There’s more action, and there’s a steampunk feel to some of it which I thought was a little silly. But I LOVED Downey Jr. because he was so utterly feeling the part (even if the part wasn’t quite Holmes as we know him), and I thought Jude Law was the best Watson in the history of Watsons. Watson with real personality, and real chemistry between the two.

    But probably not for the Holmes purist. My husband refuses to see it.

    1. The more that I have been thinking about it and divorcing it from Holmes the more that I think I will be really likely to enjoy it. I really like the cast as well. I love what I saw of Watson in the trailer. He needs to give it back to Holmes.

  5. My brother and I disagree strongly about this movie. It drives him crazy because “it’s not Sherlock Holmes” and I could care less. I thought it was fun. Was it Sherlock Holmes? No, not really but it was fun, so again, who cares?

    Oh, and I’m truly embarrassed to say I still say “no shit Sherlock” to my husband every now and again in a playful mood. And it makes me giggle every time. But, then so does the word dumbass. What does that say about me?

  6. I saw this, yes. I haven’t read any Holmes books in a long time, but I agree with the commenters who came before me — this is an action-driven Holmes, not all that close to my recollection of the character.

    (I actually liked the steampunk aspects of the movie.)

    1. I think at this point I have divorced it so much from the actual Homes that it will be fine and I will probably like it. I like all the main actors.

  7. I really enjoyed this film; although I have no reference from which to analyze it as far as Sherlock is concerned. I have yet to pick up my Complete Sherlock and start reading!

    1. 5 Orange Pips was short and interesting. I just picked stories and read them here and there, though I would like to read them all eventually.

  8. I, too, have been catching this on HBO. Despite having rented and caught snippets here and there, I have yet to see the full movie from start to finish. I think the first time we rented it I fell asleep (not because the movie was boring or anything, but because it was late when we started it). I think THE SHERLOCKIAN sounds really good. I may need to borrow that from you soon.

  9. I have never read the books or seen the movie, to my shame. But I do generally support Robert Downey Jr. in all of his schemes. I love him.

  10. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I guess I was hoping to read some of the stories first but that could mean I don’t see the movie for a long, long time!