Snow Flower and the Secret Fan – Movie Trailer

I am really excited to see that Snow Flower and the Secret Fan has been made into a movie. It’s playing now, so if you have any interest in seeing it, look for it near you.

I discovered this book when a friend recommended it for a book club. It was my first experience reading  Lisa See. Ever since then I have looked forward to her new books. My favorite, though an unlikely pick for me,  is Peony In Love.

The beauty of Lisa See‘s writing is the way that the reader can experience it on so many levels. Her books speak to the close relationships between friends, and the difficulties that can shape a friendship, and make it stronger. While women all over can relate to the friendships and situations  she describes, there is also that extra element of a new historical world and culture to be explored.

With Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,I cringed at the foot binding and tried to understand its importance in Chinese culture, marveled at nüshu, the secret women’s writing that could contain the letters of an entire relationship within a single fan, and the similarity in the choices and sacrifices that women make for their families. Many of their dilemmas are ones that women face here and now. It’s always a thrill to see these things brought to life in such a visual way.

Has anyone seen Snowflower and the Secret Fan? Have plans to?

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  1. I loved the book and was so thrilled to see Lisa See in New York. Can’t wait too see the movie.

  2. I really enjoyed the book too. It was very vivid and the author’s voice was unique. I want to watch the movie too, but unfortunately it’s not running here.

  3. Lisa See is one of my favorites so I am very glad to hear her books are being made into movies. This particular one was less interesting to me than Shanghai Girls and Dreams of Joy, but I think it will make a great film

  4. I’m really excited to see it too. You know, I haven’t seen a single preview for it on tv! I’ll have to see if it’s playing here yet.

  5. Snow flower is one of my all time fav books! Wil definitely see the film. Just hope they don’t ruin it.

  6. I LOVED this book and did not realize it was being made into a movie. I’m sort of sad it hasn’t gotten more press! The trailer doesn’t make it look as good as I’d hoped it would be though.

  7. I was fascinated by Snow Flower and Peony In Love. I will definitely want to see the movie – which looks beautiful, from the trailer!

    Also enjoyed The Shanghai Sisters, but haven’t read See’s newest novel yet.

  8. I’ve not read this book yet and the movie looks so good which means I am sure to enjoy the book too. I need to read the book before I can see the movie though.

  9. I loved the book and I am excited by the movie….but….I am a bit worried about the introduction of the modern storyline.