What’s Old Is New & BOOK CLUB Readalong – A Tale of Two Cities

As a part of our List Swap Challenge, Jen (yes, this Jen) and I decided to read (pre-Oprah we decided this!) A Tale of Two Cities together, and because I am a big old nerd I said that we should read it in installments and as it was originally published.  And, because she is a big old nerd she decided that was a good idea.  We will be reading a section a week for the next five months or so and posting our conversations on our tumblr. Check out our What’s Old Is New tumblr for the schedule.

Hopefully we will love the story so much that we will be biting our nails in anticipation of the next installment.  Remember, no peeking ahead!

On August 23rd, we’ll be chatting about it here on Linus’s Blanket as a part of BOOK CLUB.  Jen and I will feature it as a part of a What’s Old Is New discussion on the same day.

We can officially start reading this Saturday, January 8th, and will start a new section each week.

I am very curious to read this book in this way.  These were the original cliffhangers.  When Dickens died, he was in the middle of writing The Mystery of Edwin Drood, and he didn’t write that many installments ahead.  He was writing as he went, and when he died, his story died with him. Thankfully we won’t be dealing with that ultimate cliffhanger, we just have to get through each week.  Grab the button and read with us!

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    1. I hope so too. I am a little nervous because with the exception of A Christmas Carol, I haven’t been able to read anything by him. I am hoping that by reading a little at a time I will have more opportunity to know what’s going on.

  1. I hope you and Jen have fun with this! I think it might prove to be an interesting way to experience this wonderful old classic. Happy reading, Nicole!

  2. I love this idea! A Tale of Two Cities is on my classics project list. I may not be able to do the weekly part, but I’ll try to read it while you guys do. Very fun!

  3. What a great idea! Hope you guys enjoy it. I am a bit tempted to join in but have sworn off challenges, granted this is more of a readalong. Anyway have fun! I need to pick this one up one day. I did love Great Expectations.

  4. I started reading this during the holidays (yes, I jumped on the Oprah bandwagon) but stopped because I just couldn’t focus on it (wrong time of year for me). I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it and may come back and grab the button and see if I can keep pace with your schedule. It would be fun to read it the same time as others.