That’s How I Blog! Chat With Sandy Nawrot (You’ve GOTTA Read This)

Sandy Nawrot

That’s How I Blog! is my talk show (now podcast) where I interview bloggers about what they read growing up, what’s on their bookshelves and how they fell into the world of blogging. It’s in a bit of transition as I try to figure out the best way to host it and where (it could possibly end up being here permanently), but in the meantime, I am still recording shows. I will be posting them here until I can get all of the details sorted. If you are interested in either being a guest on the show or recommending a guest for the show, please send an e-mail to nicole [at] linussblanket [dot] com.

I can’t even remember any more just how long I have been reading Sandy’s blog, You’ve GOTTA Read This, but  I love reading her (often funny) take on an eclectic mix of books and audio. We spent time chatting about her true crime habit, how audiobooks have revolutionized her life and taken a dive in the pool. I was also able to wrangle five books from her that are must reads. They were slow in coming, so you have to listen to the end to get them all. 🙂

Take a look at what Sandy had to say for herself:

I’m a stay-at-home mother of two. Despite the insanity of my life, I always find time to read…it is my outlet and my passion. I also love to cook and appreciate a good glass (or bottle) of wine.

Those reading this post on a feed reader will likely have to click through to the actual blog post to listen to the interview.

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  1. Now I’m scare to listen to myself. I’m afraid I will sound like a goober. Thanks Nicole for inviting me to chat. I had a good time…it felt like we could have talked for hours! I will try to get a post up on my blog for this today.

  2. Love Sandy, this is such a fun interview! I’m completely with her on both graphic novels and audiobooks. I also adore The Help and The Book Thief, now I really need to read Cutting for Stone. Whenever I get the 100 track audiobooks (I hate those) I select all and fill in the album name and artist name before importing the CD for my iPod. It works well for me.

  3. Sandy is one of the nicest and most fun bloggers out there, and I am really glad to see this interview. She is certainly one of the most personable bloggers, and her reviews always make me chuckle over her cleverness. She’s a great book club pal as well. Thanks so much for featuring her here!

  4. Three cheers for Nicole, Sandy, and “That’s How I Blog!”

    I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with both of you, and felt like I was in the room while you were chatting 🙂