The Black Swan – Movie Trailer

Did you see what happened at the 1:09 minute mark!?!?  As a child/tween/teenager that was my biggest fear!  It might still be. But more on that in a minute.  This movie is out December 1st, and it looks like what excites me most – a smart and suspenseful psychological thriller.  Just from this clip I am wondering what in the world this girl’s (Natalie Portman) deal is and if she has some kind of breakdown from a pushy stage mother or demanding mentor? Is that other girl trying to drive her crazy?  Is there some supernatural thing out to get her and make her seem crazy and will kill her?  Is she just turning into a black swan?  So many possibilities, and it looks like it might be well done.  Of course that is the trailer’s job.  This one seems pretty successful to me.

In another bout of synchronicity, which is happening all the time lately, I started reading Gallows Hill.  It’s a young adult novel by Lois Duncan.  I picked it up because the bookstore didn’t have the one book that has caused me to have many an uncomfortable moment in front of the mirror, Stranger With My Face.  I have been terrified of looking into mirrors and seeing my reflection wink or blink are do something else that I knew I wasn’t doing since reading this book years ago.  It was a bit of shock to see an old fear of mine so vividly played out on the screen just as I  am revisiting the author who inspired such thoughts in the first place.

The cast in this one looks really good.  In addition to Natalie Portman, there is Barbara Hershey, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder, and Lincoln Center.

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  1. Oh jeez! Yeah, it looks like there is alot of wrong that could be going wrong in that movie! And what the hell was she pulling out of her shoulder at the end??? I really want to see this one!

  2. Oh, my goodness — creepy!! This film looks fantastic!!!!

    And, let me share with you that when I first read Stranger with My Face as a kid in the ’80s — I. Did. Not. Sleep. For about a week!! Not to mention, forget looking in a mirror!

  3. Looks so too scary for me! I am such a wuss about suspenseful movies, even when they are not properly horror films. But maybe I could see it as long as I found out everything that happens in it first.