• I know! I think that had me skeptical too, at first – that everyone loved it so, so much.. I think I have seen one review that was less than gushing, and the main issue there was that Louise herself really didn’t need to be a part of the story.And that’s probably right, but I didn’t find that part to be forced.

  1. I agree I initially didn’t have an interest in the book, but once I started it, I was drawn in. Love the time period, and how my initial impression of Cora completely changed over time. I was frustrated with her marriage too, but then by the end I felt an admiration for the way everything turned out. The real cherry on top of this one was the narration for the audio. Elizabeth McGovern is my new favorite voice.

  2. Beth F

    I was interested in the time period but didn’t expect to love the overall story as much as I did. This is one of the best audiobooks ever.

  3. I thought the book was going to be about Louise. I didn’t know much about her but I like stories set in 1920s. I was a bit surprised when I started listening and instead found the story about Cora. It’s one of my favorites this year.

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