The Demon of River Heights, by Stefan Petrucha & Sho Murase – Book Review

Nancy Drew and her friends, cousins George and Bess, are in the shooting a movie produced by film students from the neighboring college.  After a incident in the park, Drew and her friends notice that the students have gone missing and she wonders if a rumored monster and the sudden arrival of wealthy businessman Angley Canton has anything to do with their mysterious disappearance.

This is my first experience with both a graphic novel and with Nancy Drew- I’d never read any Nancy Drew novels growing up- so I figured it would be okay to start with this book as it is the first in the series.  While it was nice to have the visual images to support the story I felt that this was lacking in communicating some key aspects about the backgrounds of Nancy and her friends- I only vaguely knew that Nancy’s father was a lawyer (it pertained to the case), yet I knew a lot more about her relationship and the scrapes she got into with the police chief.

On the upside, the trio are immediately immersed in solving the crime , there are some nice moments that illustrates the relationship  Nancy has with her friends- and a little of their personalities, but I was very curious about and wanted more of the back story.  I have a feeling that these things will be revealed as the series continues and of course are not necessary for anyone previously acquainted with the girl detective.

Having no prior knowledge of Nancy I can’t really say how I felt about the more modern take on Ms. Drew.  The illustrations did seem to adequately portray the story, though about half of them were darker in color and more shadowy than I would have liked them to be.  It’s a short graphic novel and the mystery moved along at a brisk pace though it was readily apparent as to who the bad guys were in the story, but as Candace points out in her review these books originated for a much younger crowd.

This was a painless way for me to ease myself into graphic novels, but I think I will try another series rather than continue reading this one. The novelty of reading this graphic novel amused me, and the storyline was light and entertaining, but I need a little bit more to sink my teeth into. It’s one that I will likely pass on to my nine-year-old cousin.  She just loves smart female heroines and super heroes.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 What The Witch Left, by Ruth Chew

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  1. I would recommend Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, which you can read in two volumes or one. It’s not a series, but it’s one of the graphic novels I would recommend to those just starting out with the format. There’s also Maus Art Spiegelman, which is awesome–about WWII. Fun Home by Alison Bechdel is another good one. My husband suggests Blankets by Craig Thompson(I haven’t read that one yet–but will be soon).

    Most of the graphic novels I read are stand alones. The series I like are kind of dark crime fiction or noir. I’m not sure how if you enjoy reading books like that though. There’s a series called Alias by Brian Michael Bendis about a former superhero who is working as a private investigator. It’s dark and gritty. And just because it’s about a superhero, it’s not like a Superman or Batman type comic–it’s much more realistic and subtle. I’ve read the first book and loved it. There’s also the Criminal series by Ed Brubaker which is noir.

    I know you didn’t ask for recommendations, but the words just started flying off my keyboard. LOL Sorry. 🙂
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  2. I was rather ambivalent about this one when I read it last year. I wanted to like it, and I enjoyed reading it, but I agree the characters were underdeveloped (in this form). It seemed to be aimed at younger readers, which is fine, but I found it a little odd as Nancy and her friends are in high school and driving. I’d love to see a YA graphic novel update of Nancy Drew!
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