The Eagle – Movie Trailer

Don’t get too excited. I’m not really here. I’m off this week spreading holiday cheer and you know…eating. So movies are taking over the blog for the next few days. Specifically movies that I want to see in ’11. We’ll be back to more or less regular programming on January 1st. If any of these interest you too let me know and we will yak it up when I get back. Hope you are having a great time wherever you are and whatever you are doing! Carry on.

I have watched this movie over and over again and I can’t wait to see it again.  It was called 300, Gladiator, Troy and Braveheart (back when it was socially acceptable to watch Mel Gibson movies :-p).  I’m not sure what it is in my psyche that pulls me into this type of story every time but here we go again.  Maybe I just love a good underdog!

February 2011.  Starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Bell, Donald Sutherland, Mark Strong. Directed by Kevin Macdonald.

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  1. While these movies don’t really do it for me, as someone who has-well, let’s just say unexplainable taste in some movies-I totally understand what you mean about being excited for this one.

    1. I think my taste in movies is all over the place. My reading taste is pretty reliable but I do have those pockets of movies that I like for inexplicable reasons.

  2. Gladiator, 300 and Braveheart are my hub’s FAVE (just add King Arthur with Clive Owen) and I haven’t heard of this one! Will go find. THanks!

    1. I haven’t seen the one with Clive Owen, but I will have to look that one up. I love these types of movies for whatever reason.