The Reading Wedge Pillow

Downlite Reading Wedge PillowFirst off, I got my reading wedge pillow (notice how possessive I am?) absolutely gratis from a company called DownLite.  So there you have it- you can decide whether or not you trust me to tell you the truth about the nifty reading wedge pillow.

Although I must say, having a 400sq  foot apartment in NYC, which I share with a couple of cats and 600 books, makes me the ultimate truth teller when it comes to products.  Here 400sq feet means 400sq feet, and probably less since I can’t live on top of the oven, and I only have, get this (!),  one closet.  I love to cook, I love to entertain and have people over, so my space is at an absolute premium. If I don’t love it, it has got to go.  I have no space to house indifference.

That being said it should tell you even more that of all the product review offers I have received since starting my blog this is the first one that I have EVER wanted to mention here. I also like that the company was so sure of their product that they offered it to me without it being in exchange for a review.  They said that they would just send it to me, it was mine to do with as I pleased. They just hoped that I LOVED it and if I did that I would mention it on twitter.

When I tell you that I am in love with this thing, it is an understatement.  It fits up against my headboard just like it’s pictured.  It’s huge and completely supportive.  I lean back and I am all warm and cozy and ready to read for hours.  It is like being held! And, I don’t have to spend hours trying to squish my pillows in just the right position when I read in bed! Love!

I took it out of the box and was amazed at the quality, fluffiness, and softness. My pillow is down, but it also comes with the hypo allergenic filling.  My mother immediately said I should give it to her! Uh, no. I had to hop on twitter and gush about it immediately. Again, love!

This is by no means a comprehensive review.  My pillow evades that.  It’s elusive that way.  I am reduced to just rambling about how much I love it. If you are a reader, and you like to read in bed, you should seriously click on the links to check this out and get you one.  I have 10 pillows on my bed and there is just no way my mom is getting this one. As if!

Dude, seriously.  Think about it.

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  1. Looks awesome! Seems like this would be the perfect solution to setting up the pillows, laying down, adjusting the pillows just so, changing position, and finally getting the pillows *just right* so you can read. Heaven forbid you have to get up to use the bathroom or get something to eat. Then you have to rearrange the pillows again!
    .-= trish´s last blog ..Words Move Me – Giveaway of Sony Reader Pocket Edition =-.

    1. It is so nice to just lay back on it and start to read. It’s hard to get completely comfortable with pillows because if you move at all you have to adjust all over again.

    1. That’s the one thing I need to do do now is to get a cover. I have been using a folded sheet in the meantime. I would ask my mom to make one for me but she wants the pillow!

  2. Oh Nicole, my heart is bouncing out of my chest. I WANT ONE! Do you think the company would send me one, if I promised a review and my firstborn child who is really ticking me off at this moment? I read in bed almost every night. I go through this routine of piling up all my pillows so I say in an upright position and don’t fall asleep, but it never works. I squish down and am out in about ten minutes. I love too how they offer an option for those of us that are allergic to down. *Sigh* Love at first sight.
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..Monday Movie Meme – To Die For =-.

    1. I know the feeling. It is such hard work to get the pillows in just the right place. I get so mad if I have to move after I am set up just right!

  3. I so need one of these! I love to read in bed and it always takes me forever to get the pillows just right.
    .-= Melissa- Shhh I’m Reading´s last blog ..Review: Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross =-.

  4. I want one! This is definitely going on my Christmas list.
    .-= Carrie K.´s last blog ..Interview with Lorelei King, actress and reader of the Stephanie Plum audiobooks =-.

  5. That does look comfy! And I really do like to read in bed. I’d have to get two though. One for me and one for my husband. He often reads or uses the laptop in bed. I am glad you like it!

  6. I think I have to run out and get me one! Since I do most of my reading in bed this people would be fantastic!
    Your apartment sounds a lot like mine and my husband’s too! lol

    Thank you for your honest review! And congrats on getting it for free, that’s impressive!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Movie Monday 11.16.09 =-.

  7. I’m so getting one! Or two! I need that for my own very hard headboard as lovely as it is it’s hard to snuggle up and read against it. YaY for the hypo allergenic filling. 🙂

    Great review and very helpful!
    .-= MillyMarie´s last blog ..Article. The Carrie Diaries. =-.

  8. The fact that the wedge pillow earned some coveted space in your apartment says it all!
    .-= Dawn – She is Too Fond of Books´s last blog ..Book Review: *The Elegance of the Hedgehog* by Muriel Barbery =-.

  9. I will have to look for that. I have been looking for something like that but all I can find are cheapie things that don’t look like they will last or hold up.

    I am a huge reader in bed and always fluffing pillows up or moving them to get comfy.

    Okay when I get to NY will have to make it a point to distract Nicole to steal the pillow LOL Just kidding Nicole 🙂
    .-= Cindy´s last blog ..Sins of the Flesh Blog Tour and Review =-.

  10. Hee! Your opening line had me laughing. I totally trust you and have now decided I need me one of these (regardless of whether you liked it or not) but the fact that it reduced you to love and rambling makes me want it all the more!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Sunday Salon – November 22 =-.