1. Completely intriguing premise for a book if you ask me! Having spent my childhood going to church I often pondered what Mary was really like and what her life was like both before and after her son’s death. Sounds like this author took a good crack and giving us some fictional insight.

    • What was really interesting about Mary and her life after Jesus, is that I never considered that as one so close to a leading and religious political figure, she would have been in danger and closely scrutinized. After reading this, I thought a lot about the way biblical stories are rarely questioned. For me, part of that is that the stories mostly seem fantastical so it was nice to consider the “reality”.

  2. This does sound really interesting, and something that I might not have chosen for myself had I not read your review. It’s curious, because I learned in bible study that Mary and Jesus’ brothers had a significant problem with the message he carried, and often referred to him as crazy. Very interesting review of a provocative and alluring book. Thanks for sharing it with me :)

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