The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Movie Trailer

I know that these trailers have been all over the place so I was surprised to find, when I watched them this morning,  that they are not the ones that I thought they were. I haven’t read the books or seen the movies, so I think I was expecting that these would be trailers of whatever movie came out last year. It is amazing how time flies and just how fast these movies are coming out.

After watching both movie trailers for Eclipse, I picked this one because it showed more of an overall story of a war shaping up between wolves and vampires, as well as showing the love triangle.  The other trailer was pure romance.  I’m not sure if either of the trailers are doing the film justice because I wasn’t swayed by either to want to see the movie.  I probably would have felt differently if I were already along for the ride, yes? Did anyone else have a trailer preference?

Maybe once the final movie comes out, I will finally read this series, just like Harry Potter.  But in the meantime, I have a copy of The Host that I am getting more and more excited to try.  It has been recommended to me as a good read and story by more than a few bloggers whom I trust.

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I had a good laugh the other day when I asked my ten-year old cousin whether she enjoyed these movies (she does), and if she knew the name of the latest movie that was coming out (she did).  What was so funny is how specific she was when she told me the name of the title.  She actually said “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse“.  It never would have occurred to me to say all that. Eclipse would have been perfectly fine, nor would I have known to say more. Funny.

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  1. I can only tell you that the Harry Potter Series lives up to the hype. Not sure I would be the one to convince you of the Twilight Series. I thought it was pretty lame. I would have probably loved it if I were anywhere between the ages of 13 and 21. I will admit that of the Twilight movies, Eclipse was probably the best of the three (although the book was my least favorite).

    1. I am 37 and loved the movie. It is better than a Harry Potter to me. I am a fan of both movies. I would prefer Twilight Saga Series. Each series seem to be better than the one before. I disagree with you have to be 13-21. Totally disagree. I seen senior citizens and middle age adults watching the film.

  2. It’s interesting that this is supposed to be the best movie, because I think I liked the set of trailers I saw for the last movie the best.

  3. I tried reading The Host, and I didn’t get very far. However, that was after I’d read and loved the Twilight Saga, so I was a wee tad biased. 🙂

    I hope you have good luck with it!

  4. I was thinking that I would read all the books in this series b4 Twilight came out. But till now I am only done with the 1st 🙂
    I liked it but I read not-so-good reviews about the 2nd one, so I have been vary of trying it out!

    But u r right, time flies!

  5. I didn’t bother with The Host. I managed to get through all the Twilight books because my niece wanted me to read them. I didn’t hate them, but I was not twilight obsessed.

  6. I prefer the more actiony one, although the romancey one is more like the books. Stephenie Meyer has this fatal tendency to hustle her point-of-view character offstage any time something interesting (like a battle) is about to happen. Then someone tells her about it later. I think it’s a mistake.

  7. Eclipse was my favorite of the three movies so far, but the book was my favorite in the series as well. The Host was a much better book than the Twilight series, in my humble opinion.

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