1. This trailer creeps me out every time I see it, which is very promising. I read and enjoyed The Man in the Picture, and I have The Small Hand on my Nook to read sooner rather than later. Definitely want to see this one. And I’m excited to see Dan Radcliffe without Potter glasses. lol

  2. Holy snikeys, this looks terrifying! I am a big baby when it cones to scary stuff, and would want to see this with my husband. Thanks for posting the trailer today. It looks rather interesting!

  3. This preview came on when I watched a movie a couple of months ago, and I nearly tee teed all over myself. I am such a baby and cannot watch movies like this without curling into the fetal position and crying. But I so wish I could watch it. Maybe I could read it instead.

  4. Woman in Black is an old-fashioned movie that comes up with ghost stories. Love this movie also, I’m not really watching on it. Daniel Radcliffe is good in his role .

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