This Just In! An Acquaintance with Darkness, by Ann Rinaldi

An Acqauintance With Darkness, by Ann RinaldiWhat’s It About? Fourteen-year-old Emily Pigbush suspects that her uncle is involved in body snatching. Meanwhile, her best friend’s family is accused of plotting to kill Abraham Lincoln, and Emily is left unsure of whom she can trust. Includes a reader’s guide.

Why This? A Presidential asssination, a bodysnatching, a heroine with the last name Pigbush…and it’s historical fiction? Who could resist? The front cover also promises that it will be “deliciously macabre”.  Not just macabre, but deliciously so.  There’s also, get this, a reader’s guide. I’m so in.

How exciting!

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  1. This book looks different to many others. I probably wouldn’t know about it if you hadn’t posted on it, so thank-you.


    1. Seahn, it’s really good so far! Of course I started reading it when should be reading something else and I’m hooked. But I need to finish my other book first.