This Just In! Fear The Worst, by Linwood Barclay

Fear The Worst, by Linwood BarclayWhat’s It About? Your daughter doesn’t come home one night from her summer job.  You go there looking for her. No one’s seen here. But it’s worse than that.  No one’s ever seen her. So where has she been going every day? And where is she now?  In Linwood Barclay’s riveting new thriller, an ordinary man’s desperate search for his daughter leads him into a dark world of corruption, exploitation, and murder. Tim Blake is about to learn that the people you think you know best are the ones harboring the biggest secrets.

Why This? Linwood Barclay is a successful mystery and thriller writer over in Britain.  Given that I really enjoyed reading In The Woods, by Tana French, I figured that I would give this book a try now that Bantam Dell is introducing his work to the United States.  The story line is intriguing.  Tim Blake’s  daughter Sydney vanishes from her “job” as 17-year-old.  I am immediately wondering what happened to her and what she could have been involved in to set up such an elaborate lie to fool her parents.  Tim is just a regular guy working as a car salesman so I am also kind of curious to see how he goes about finding his daughter.  Usually in these mysteries it would be a cop’s daughter or someone who is a retired detective/cop whose family is in danger.  Tim doesn’t seem to have any of that kind of knowledge or training at his disposal.  I guess I’ll see what happens.

What mysteries are you reading this summer?

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