This Just In! Labor Day, by Joyce Maynard

Labor Day, by Joyce MaynardKathy from BermudaOnion has to take full responsibility for me venturing downstairs to buy this book.  I had sworn off the book store, really!  Kathy is going to be a guest on That’s How I Blog! on November 3, and we were trying to figure out a book for the both of us to discuss on a segment at the end of the show called the 20 Minute Book Club. Kathy thought that Labor Day, by Joyce Maynard would be a great book to discuss, and asked me whether or not  I had read it- which I hadn’t- but it wasn’t that long so I knew that I would be able to read it in time to talk with her about it.  The fact that I was running late and on my way somewhere else that day saved me because I literally ran into the store, bought the book and ran out with not time to browse and buy 4 other books to go along with it.

Maynard’s novel tells the story of what happens one fateful Labor Day weekend when Henry, a lonely thirteen-year old ventures out with his chronically depressed mom, Adele, to do some back to school shopping. Henry meets Frank a mysterious stranger who is strangely bleeding from the head, and who asks for Henry’s help.

Henry offers his and Adele’s help to Frank  leading to an unimagined chain of events for his mother and himself.

Has anyone else read this?  I can’t wait to discuss it with Kathy!

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    1. @NicoleBo I want to do a post on That’s How I Blog – do you have a list with the bloggers & their dates/times that I can share?