This Just In! New to My Bookshelves!

Why This? I gave a way a copy of this book  here on Linus’s Blanket.  I make it a habit of not giving away anything that I don’t want to read myself, and it’s partially set in New York City, so I was interested right away.

What’s It About? Sarah Walters is a less-than-perfect debutante. She tries hard to follow the time-honored customs of the Charleston Camellia Society, as her mother and grandmother did, standing up straight in cotillion class and attending lectures about all the things that Camellias don’t do. (Like ride with boys in pickup trucks.)  But Sarah can’t quite ignore the barbarism just beneath all that propriety, and as soon as she can she decamps South Carolina for a life in New York City. There, she and her fellow displaced Southern friends try to make sense of city sophistication, to understand how much of their training applies to real life, and how much to the strange and rarefied world they’ve left behind. When life’s complications become overwhelming, Sarah returns home to confront with matured eyes the motto “Once a Camellia, always a Camellia”- and to see how much fuller life can be, for good and for ill, among those who know you best.

Why This? I won this book at a Goodreads, and it just came today.  I had no idea I had won anything til it showed up in my mailbox with a note, so I was really surprised.   I love surprise books in the mail.  It looks like it is a light read but it is dealing with interesting subject matter;  I am hoping that there will be some depth to it as well.

What’s It About? Rachel is an attorney living and working in Manhattan who has always been the good girl-until her thirtieth birthday, when her best friend Darcy throws her a party. That night after too many drinks Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy’s fiance. Although she wakes up determined to put the one-night fling behind her, Rachel is horrified to discover that she has genuine feelings for him. As the September wedding date nears, Rachel has to choose. She discovers that the lines between right and wrong can be blurry, endings aren’t always neat, and sometimes you have to risk it all to win true happiness.

How exciting!

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  1. Something Borrowed is a great book! When you’re finished, read Something Blue. Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors. I hope you enjoy it.

    I also recommend Love the One You’re With.

  2. I second the recommendation to pick up Something Blue. Emily Giffin is a one of my favorites.

  3. Oooh these both sound lovely- looking forward to hearing what you think of them. Love the new look again!

  4. I won Girls in Trucks from someone else’s blog 🙂 – not sure how soon I’ll get to read it, though. Emily Giffin is one of my favorites – her books do have more depth to them than a lot of “chick lit.” I second the recommendations to read Something Blue after Something Borrowed – it’s a companion piece more than a sequel.

  5. Both books sound like something to read on a pleasant afternoon. Not too stressful. Just right for summer. Hope you enjoy them both.

  6. I read Something Borrowed last year and it was definitely a light read. I’ll be interested to hear your take on it.

    I’ve got Girls in Trucks in my TBR pile. I can’t seem to get to it though. Something always ends up displacing it.

  7. I would like to read, Girls in Trucks’, so am waiting to see what you think of it.

    Sounds like something really good to reads in the bath with some lightly scented candles and aromatherapy, perhaps orange and lavender.

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