This Just In! Revolutionary Road, by Richard Yates

Revolutionary Road, by Richard YatesWhat’s It About? (from Goodreads)In the hopeful 1950s, Frank and April Wheeler appear to be a model couple: bright, beautiful, talented, with two young children and a starter home in the suburbs. Perhaps they married too young and started a family too early. Maybe Frank’s job is dull. And April never saw herself as a housewife. Yet they have always lived on the assumption that greatness is only just around the corner. But now that certainty is about to crumble.  With heartbreaking compassion and remorseless clarity, Richard Yates shows how Frank and April mortgage their spiritual birthright, betraying not only each other, but their best selves.

Why This? Seriously, it’s a mystery to me as to why I picked this one up. My mom wanted me to go and see this movie with her but I told her that it looked utterly depressing, and I just couldn’t.  I started flipping through it and reading it in places and become absorbed in the writing, which seems to be quite good.  Somehow the subject matter seems much less depressing in book form than it does on film.  If I can make it through the book, I will more than likely see the movie as well.

Did anyone see the book or movie and have non-spoilery guidance they can offer? Anybody?

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  1. I read this when the movie came out (but i haven’t yet seen the movie). I agree — it’s very well written. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on the ending. Hope that’s not spoiler-y 🙂

  2. I didn’t read the book, but I saw the movie. While it was really well-acted, it was quite depressing. My husband suffered through it with me and has not quite forgiven me yet.

  3. I want to read the book before I see the movie. I can always handle depressing better in a book than a movie — I think because I have longer to absorb it. I feel emotionally manipulated by movies because I have to experience the whole thing in two hours.