This Just In! Sins of the Flesh, by Caridad Pineiro

Sins of the Flesh, by Caridad PineiroBack in October I hosted a giveaway for a big box of Halloween books for Hachette Book Group.  I was a able to give five books to three winners and I got a copy of each of those books for myself.  Sins of the Flesh, by Caridad Pineiro was one of the books that was included in the box of books and I am in agony trying to figure out what I should do with it.

It’s not a book that I would normally read.  It’s adult paranormal romance which I don’t remember ever reading.  My aunt is a big fan of romance and I was thinking of giving it to her, but I don’t know if she does paranormal either.  My mother likes paranormal but I don’t know if she likes romance that much (but she has been trying to expand to lighter books lately, so maybe). And I’m still not quite ready to let it go yet.  Once a book is in my possession I want to read it!

Luckily I have some trusty bloggers I can turn to for help in assessing the situation. Gaby, a fellow New Yorker, blogging at Starting Fresh says:

Sins of the Flesh is an unusual thriller – and combines science fiction, romance, and suspense. Caterina Shaw is a complex and sympathetic character trapped in because of her experimental medical treatments. Mick Carrera is a strong leading man – essentially good but tortured and with a complex past. Sins of the Flesh reads a bit like well done science fiction films and television shows – fast-paced and full of twists. If you enjoy watching Doll House, Fringe, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Dark Angel, I think that you’ll thoroughly enjoyed Sins of the Flesh.

Now I hadn’t thought about it, but I do enjoy adult paranormal television.  I loved Dark Angel and I have enjoyed Fringe when I have caught it in occasion.  Cindy from Cindy’s Love of Books admits that she doesn’t read a lot of paranormal fiction either, but she read this one and had this to say:

…I really enjoyed the book. I found it to be a page turner and there was enough action going on that peaked my interest and left me wanting to read more of the book. You know its a really good book when you have a hard time putting it down and that was the case with this one for me.

Bitten By Books specializes in paranormal reads so I was particularly interested in the opinion offered because I feel like it’s more of an expert review by someone informed about the genre.  They gave it a thumbs up with these words:

Paranormal aspects aside, Sins of the Flesh is a solidly crafted romantic suspense novel: guns blaze, good guys and bad guys chase each other, dark corridors and lurking stairwells beckon character and reader alike. Sins of the Flesh boasts enough heart-jacking action in its plot and enough relationship development to keep readers happily turning the page from the first line of the Prologue, “The day the music died, Caterina Shaw did as well” to the chilling finish. This one should come with a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” sign right on the front cover.

I will likely read a bit of this to see how I like it, and it will probably also bounce between me and my mother.  It will depend on which of us can get to it first.  Right now I have her reading 31 Hours, by Masha Hamilton.  I can’t wait to se what she thinks about that one.

Has anyone else read this?  Thoughts one way or another?

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  1. I am not a huge fan of books where hero paid to kill heroine, then gets mad at her for not trusting him (hello! I don’t trust you either! you might fall in love with me but given that you’re a mercenary, how do I know you won’t kill me? I am no longer human due to antics of crazy doctor and his experiments so don’t know that’s how romances turn out…), and only grudgingly falls for her.

    The illogic, the bad dialogue, the fact that this woman kept turning green and was a machine… Not very appealing.

    1. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts on the book. You certainly make some good points about the “romance” part of it. A man like that would be hard to trust. I am still undecided on whether I will read it, and if I do it will probably be awhile as I have quite a few commitments I need to get to first.