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Cover Image - Willow, by Julia Hoban

Cover Image - Willow, by Julia HobanI have just passed the midpoint of the Blob Game (Biggest Loser of Books) with Natasha, Amy, Dawn, Candace and Jen.  Up until yesterday I was the uncontested lead, having culled 161 book that I have listed on our BLOB Spreadsheet.  I have some more to add, but since they are not on the sheet, Jen, from Devourer of Books, is now officially in the lead.

I also hadn’t been buying or requesting any books from publicists, and have, shamefully, been ignoring my e-mail.  The other day I broke down and went through my e-mail and found an offer of a review copy for the book Willow, by Julia Hoban.  The publicist for the book kindly (I think she might be the devil in disguise sen by my BLOB cohorts) enclosed the below description of the book, which I was unable to resist.

Trapped in a life she never expected, Willow Randall desperately wishes things would return to the way they were – but they can’t. One night, Willow’s parents drank too much and asked her to drive them home, but they never made it – Willow lost control of the car, and both of her parents were killed. Now tormented by guilt, she goes through the motions just trying to cope. Willow numbs her new, grim reality by secretly cutting herself – the only way she thinks she can gain control amidst dysfunction and chaos. Extremely unique, smart, and thoughtful, Willow not only faces the daunting task of refiguring her life without the people who mattered most, but falls in love with the first person to know everything about her. WILLOW is a testament to the need  for human connection and the power of love to heal. It’s about the love of books, the love of family, and a special love that develops between two teenagers that allows our heroine to start her journey toward healing.

Fellow Blobber Candace, oh-so-helpfully, chimed in that it was the most amazing thing she has ever read and one of her best books of 2009.  Though I am pretty sure she has an ulterior motive, check out what she had to say about Willow in her review from September 2009:

Willow is not a depressing book. It’s a startlingly realistic look at what can happen when we feel separated from our own world. It’s about connections and trust. Hoban does not pretend to offer magic solutions; instead, she gives us much to think about and discuss.

Willow is a must-read novel. I am not surprised that it was nominated by the American Library Association for Best Book for Young Adults.

See if I listen to anything she has to say again.  I only get in trouble, and now I’m apparently on a downward spiral and have entered a couple of giveaway contests as well.

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Needless to say I am very excited to have this in my hot little hands and I can’t wait to read it.  Shame on you Candace for enabling my addiction.  I’ll get you.

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  1. First, I totally need to join into the BLOB game because I have way too many books around my home. But on a serious note, I’ve had my eye on Willow for a little while now. Like you, though, I’ve been holding off on buying/requesting new books until I have the current book situation handled. (And like you, it seems I’m also on a downward spiral. LOL)

    BTW, you need to do a post on productivity tips because every time I come to your blog, you always seem to have everything so together. Are you hiding a set of clones somewhere?
    .-= Ann-Kat (Today, I Read…)´s last blog ..TSS: Micro Read-a-Thon (FKA Mini Read-a-Thon) Book Pool =-.

  2. It’s O.K., we all break down sometimes.
    .-= J.T. Oldfield´s last blog ..Winner of American Rust =-.