1. memoirs and traveling are two of my favorite things and it sounds like this book covers both of those bases! i read your review and interview with Marjorie Price and enjoyed them both. i'm interested to see how her choices panned out and if she remained an ex-pat.

    a well-balanced review with plenty of information and highlights of what worked and didn't for you. i'm always trying to find that balance!


  2. I really enjoyed your review of this one…sounds like quite the adventure especially during that time period. It is interesting how she was strong enough to defy family/fiance, yet not to voice her opinions when it came to her spouse.

  3. I really enjoyed your review and the interview with the author. I'm fascinated with choices, the effects they have on people's lives, and what would be different if those choices were made in a different time or place. One choice alters our lives as it did in this case. I think I would enjoy the book.

  4. Oh I like the sounds of this. It sounds like a wonderful memoir! I could visit the coutry within the pages of this book 😉
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  5. I am not much in to memoirs but I think I will enjoy this one. I have read nothing on France so it will be fun!
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  6. I was so pleased to see a review of my book, "A Gift from Brittany," on Linus' Blanket. Would like to reply to Staci and Sandy. Yes, the times were different. It was several years before Women's Lib, and growing up, young women learned that a man ruled the house. But that was no excuse. Other women stood up to domineering spouses. And of course, I should have refused when Yves ordered me to stop painting. I should have shouted, "NEVER will I stop painting." We'll never know what would have happened afterward, but that's what I would say now. It remains a mystery even to me that I was strong enough to defy my family, and afraid to risk my marriage — until, that is, it became intolerable. I hope some of this contradiction and quandary comes through in the book.
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  7. Nancyb

    I loved the book, I thought Marjorie’s friendship with Jeanne was endearing. Ms. Price’s descriptions were wonderful. Does anyone know if Yves is still alive?

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