[TSS] The Week That Wasn’t (as far as reading goes)


the-sunday-salonThis is my first Sunday Salon post in a long, long while.  Last year I tried a whole bunch of different memes and weekly activities just to see which ones I enjoyed and I tried out a few features of my own. So far in 2009 I haven’t participated in much of anything.  I will slowly start to add things back as I figure out what will fit most within the scheme of this blog.  I like the idea of a weekly wrap up post on my reading and other blog activities and I like the idea of having a place where I can look ahead and set some goals for my reading week.  The Sunday Salon makes it easy to do all of those things, and I know how much I enjoy reading other Sunday Salon posts.

I say all of that and this week there was not very much to track and report.  I have been working on People of the Book by Geraldine Books for at least the past two weeks, maybe a little bit more.  At first I didn’t know whether I was going to enjoy reading this one. I found the first few pages to be a little dry and technical, but I quickly got into the story once they started to explore the different items found in the  book and the stories of the people connected to the items.  Like an excavation, each layer goes deeper and deeper into the past exploring the history of the book and how it came to be.

I have also been working my way through Delicate Edible Birds by Lauren Groff for at least the same amount of time.  I am enjoying reading this group of stories which seems to be about the lives of women and how they cope with difficult circumstances or break beyond their limitations.  I like that the collection is varied in the locations where the stories take place, and the women are different and leading different types of interesting lives. Some I have enjoyed immensely and there are others where my reaction is more mixed or even muted, but as a whole the collection is holding my attention, which doesn’t always happen with short story collections.  Sometimes it can seem as if all the stories are  the same and happily so far this is not the case.

I am hoping to finish these two books this week and maybe even start and finish something else.  I also have several reviews to write, so this may be one of those weeks where I post one every day.

Work has seriously limited blogging and readig these past few weeks.  Between board meetings and general changes due to the state of the economy I haven’t been home or had as much free time, and when I do I’m much more likely to be found sleeping or cooking and attending to household chores.  Not much time for anything other than that.  I am hoping that this will be a lighter work week so that I can get back to my books and my blanket.

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  1. I keep seeing that the slowing economy is causing us to read less. I wonder why this is happening. It would seem that a slowing economy would allow for more time to read. Perhaps not.

  2. I’ve got People of the Book on my TBR list for this year – it’ll be the first time I’ve read anything by Brooks. Sounds really interesting. Yes, “real life” can certainly cut into your reading life sometimes – I hate it when that happens!

  3. I am loving Delicate Edible Birds. The stories have so much emotion. I think “L. DeBard and Aliette” may be my favorite love story ever.

  4. I’ve been reading less lately as well. What’s up with that? Are we just burned out, or is it something more insidious? Must explore this further…

  5. Hi Nicole, yes, I did finish People of the Book and I liked it a lot. My review is up on my blog. You just had to scroll past the James Patterson contest and it’s just a few posts below that. I see you are enjoying Delicate Edible Birds – I guess we are of a divergent opinion on that one. I found most of the stories to be so depressing. I didn’t care for the book at all. I just finished Firefly Lane by Kristin hannah – very very good book! I should have that review up soon along with Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford which is absolutely wonderful! I loved that one.