Tuesday Thingers


tuesday-thingers1 Questions: Have you explored the different styles? Have you customized any of the styles? If so, what are your favorite customized items (isbn, Dewey Decimal, Reviews, Book-Swap, etc)?

This is really turning out to be a valuable meme for me.  I was perfectly happy to let LibraryThing get away with just being a list of my books, where I could post reviews and change the pretty covers.  Who knew you could do all this other stuff? I think I really like the Dewey Decimal version.  So far all the others have tag sections that are too big, especially since I don’t really tag my books with that many subjects.  I plan on going through and re-tagging everything so that there will be even less. I have to look into customizing.  I wonder what the Bookswap option is.  I can’t wait to go around and read all of the other answers.  I find out good stuff that way.

Have you customized the style of your LibraryThing?  If you have, what categories did you include?  If you haven’t, which would you include?

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