Vacation Non-Reading and Some Recent Acquisitions

I am slowly getting back into reading again. About three weeks ago I went down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a little fun in the sun. Apparently that fun in the sun didn’t include reading any books. Four of them had a round trip ticket from New York to Florida and escaped being opened once, which really surprised me. Not reading while I was there isn’t as surprising as not reading on the plane. I was really into crossword puzzles and solitaire on both flights. I was even able to resist buying a book at an airport bookstore. Someone feel my forehead.

Along for the ride were: Impatient With Desire, by Gabrielle Burton, Picking Bones From Ash: A Novel, by Marie Matsuko Mockett, Mystic River, by Dennis Lehane, and West of Here, by Jonathan Evison. I have since finished Picking Bones from Ash for the BOOK Club discussion that took place here yesterday.

While I was away, a number of books came to me.  Most of which  I am really looking forward to reading.

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  1. I totally count on reading when I am on holiday, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Especially when there are friends, kids or family around (or 100 proof rum drinks!). Mystic River is dark and twisted like any Lehane should be. And I did just finish Amaryllis in Blueberry, thinking it was for the April book club and of course now don’t have time to read the one I was SUPPOSED to read for April. I’ll be interested to see what others think on that one…

  2. Glad you had a nice time in the sun! As much as I love reading, sometimes I need a little break. I tend to give my books a round trip ticket without reading them too!

  3. Usually when I go on vacation, I bring along a horde of books, and not one ever gets opened, so don’t feel bad. I do like the looks of your new stack though, and think that a lot of them sound interesting. I am on the cusp of buying Amaryllis in Blueberry after reading so many great reviews and I also really want to read Cleaning Nabokov’s House. I hope the urge to get reading strikes you again soon!

  4. I’m usually a plane reader but every once in a while I go on a puzzle bender. My goodness so many books. Is your plan to lock yourself away and read, read read? Too many great titles to comment on specific ones I want (since there are so many), suffice to say-I want to raid your bookshelf. Happy Reading.

  5. I’m glad you had such a nice vacation. I’m sure the sun and warmth were a welcome change! I think an occasional break from reading is great…like taking a cleansing breath. And now you havve a pile of wonderful books to choose from. I have read some good reviews of a few of them but can only attest to the wonderfulness of The Beauty of Humanity Movement which I loved!
    Happy reading!

  6. I can relate to that too! After so much of sun and vacation, it’s hard to get back to books! 🙂

    I liked Humanity Movement and 13, rue Therese in your list, and have Mystic River in my wishlist. Enjoy your books!

  7. Can’t believe you went without reading on the vacation but sometimes I think even the most avid readers just need a break! Looks like you have some good ones up in your queue waiting to be read now.

  8. You have a lot of good books on this list and that pile is cracking me up. So many books to read but alas, sometimes we just need a break!

  9. A vacation in Florida sounds like a good thing right about now for me!! You pile of goodies that you returned too have some great reading ahead in store for you!

  10. Book after book, until the author disappoints us but still, we never give up.
    I’m currently reading ‘Sweetness in the Belly’ and avoiding any reviews… Now, I’m convinced that ‘The Beauty of Humanity Movement’ is next. Camilla Gibb is such a beautiful writer.