The Vampire Diaries – Catch Up & Episode 2.2: Brave New World Discussion

The last two weeks have been among the busiest of the year for me  and with Book Blogger Appreciation Week firmly in the rear view mirror I find that I can breathe again and get back to the business of Linus’s Blanket.

I haven’t touched a book in weeks. I have about 80 pages left in Come Sunday, by Isla Morley but I just haven’t had the energy to finish it up no matter that I am so curious about the end of a story that I have enjoyed very much.  I have slowly been branching out and sharing some of my other security blankets on the blog, which in include movies and movie trailers.

Last week I needed a break, and was just way too fatigued to read so I picked up the first season of The Vampire Diaries, and after a couple of episodes, I was hooked.  In a marathon few days I watched the entire season just in time to catch the premiere of Season 2.  I have been very impressed by the quality of the storyline, the pacing  of the show, and the development of some of the characters kept me intrigued.  Watching so many episodes of a show in such a short period of time can glaringly expose its flaws , but The Vampire Diaries holds up surprisingly well.

The opener of Season 2 last week brought the arrival of Katherine, Elena’s deliciously bad and long dead ancestor, which was a relief to me.  As much as I have been enjoying the show I have mixed feelings about the character of Elena.  She is just a little too goody-goody for my liking and CLEARLY hooked up with the wrong brother.  It will be very exciting to see Katherine shake things up, but I am puzzled by every one’s worship of Stefan over Damon.  Even with Ian Somerhalder being no slouch in the looks department, the writing of the show favors Damon in every way. He gets the snappy one liners, and the conflicted and tortured soul and most of what he has suffered is at the instigation of events initiated by Stefan, who eternally bores me.  That none of the females on the show have had any real interest in Damon is baffling.  I need to vicariously live through someone.  Get this man a love interest, stat!

The Vampire Diaries excels at having some kind of game changer in each episode.  I don’t know how they accomplish this, but it is done in such an organic way that it always appears to be a natural progression of the story as opposed to being blatantly gimmicky. In Brave New World, Caroline’s transformation into a vampire definitely leveled the playing field in ways that I love, and was emotionally compelling to boot.  I felt for Caroline as she coped with with all of the changes that she experienced all by herself, and I loved the she got to tell Damon off for his emotional manipulation and abuse of her last season.  Damon got quite a few beat-downs this episode, poor thing.

Bonnie continues to be a problematic character for me because we never got to fully explore the journey she took in becoming a witch, and the full effects that the death of her grandmother had on her.  They just packed her off and she came back fully in control of her powers and mean as hell. There is no gray to her bad and she comes off as rather one note most times, though I believe the actress, Katerina Graham, is capable of much more.  In typical Bonnie fashion she took no responsibility for her actions in making Caroline a vampire, and nearly burnt Damon to a crisp in her righteous anger.  I have to admit that I can understand her  being upset over the loss of Carter (can we say hottie?), but I also regret that they missed the opportunity for Bonnie to have some one to talk to and share her POV.  However she and Elena equally share the blame for Carter becoming Caroline’s dinner.

Stefan and Elena are way too much peas of a pod for my taste for them to be in a relationship, even though I understand that probably works for their relationship.  Together they bore me to tears and I get a little sick of Elena always calling his name, “Stefan”.  Stefan has complete faith that he can handle Caroline and that everything will be okay when he already failed last year with Vicky.  That is both so naive and incredibly arrogant. Elena only cares to save her friend, and never mind the fact that Caroline is a baby vampire, not in control of her urges, and already dead – probably would have died in the car accident, gets to live so others can die.  I was very happy that Damon laid responsibility at her feet.  I am glad that the show is not shying away from consequences for their naivete, and I like the developing tension between them and how they aren’t treating each other with kid gloves.

The werewolf story is shaping up and I am a bit conflicted on its development. On the one hand Tyler isn’t really strongly connected to anyone on the canvas and has always seemed to be a peripheral character, but we do know who he is.  That works in the sense that if he goes over to the dark side and become a nemesis, it will add to the drama.  Right now that storyline hasn’t become compelling enough for me to care about it that much, so I guess Amy is right that they need to move it along.   Jeremy is a little lost right now and seems at his best when a girl is involved.  I am very curious about the way he will go and which side he will ultimately choose.

Stefan and Caroline had a moment that was totally hot.  I love Matt and his relationship with Caroline, but I can easily see them together.  But when is Matt going to find out about his girlfriend (ex and current), his sister and their vampy connections?  They had him suspicious of Stefan early in Season 1, but now he just seems that he will stay happily oblivious.

What else?  Damon being the head of the council and a tea drinker amuses me to no end.

1DA652C2516038AE4D02F55645591F39 Shutter Island, by Dennis Lehane Thoughts anyone?

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  1. I could not agree with you more about Damon and Bonnie. The show definitely sets Damon up to be the more interesting character, almost more the “main” character than even Elena. And Bonnie’s self-righteous attitude is kind of annoying me.

    I’m so glad you found this show! I really enjoy it as well.

    1. It’s pretty glaring that Damon seems to be the more compelling brother and I agree just as much of a lead as Elena. I am naturally more drawn to complex characters and that oftentimes ends up being the “bad” ones! They are usually just more interesting. Unless you are like Bonnie and you just wake bad one day with no explored motivation.

      I am glad I started watching too! Looking forward to discussing it.

  2. I just started watching season 1 a few days ago, and like you I am now hooked. I watched the first two episodes of season 2 today and I have to admit that I think the werewolves might be a bit much. The trailer for ep 3 didn’t excite me at all.

    I’ve noticed that somewhere halfway during season 1 the Damon – Elena relationship is starting to get a lot more attention and the picture shifts to Damon a lot more when both Stefan, Damon and Elena are in one room. I’m conflicted on the whole love-interest thing of Elena, because I really liked Stefan in the first half of series one, thinking that I couldn’t see how she could end up liking Damon, but now.. I don’t know, I don’t really feel the “rightness” of Stefan – Elena anymore, but I don’t think I’d want them to end either? Having both Katherine and Elena say that “it was always Stephan” baffled me though, especially since I can’t see Katherine preferring Stephan over Damon.

    1. I didn’t see the coming attractions, and more of the werewolf story doesn’t really thrill me either at this point. I did see the clip of Damon, Alaric and Elena on the road trip, so at least there will be that to look forward to.

      Stefan was interesting the first half to me because I didn’t know much about him, so he had potential. Now I know that he has one speed…brooding. i think Elena and Stefan just bore me together, and I would rather either have Damon have a shot, or at least not spend his entire existence pining over women who don’t want him. I mean really? Damon…pining? In what universe would that have to be?

  3. All I have to say is thank goodness for my DVR — for some reason, I was on another planet and missed the start of The Vampire Diaries! I can’t wait to dive into it tomorrow — and yep, I’m so in support of Damon…he’s just got much more depth and quite honestly, makes me laugh!

    ‘sides, I think that Stefan is just sooo weepy, you know? UGH.

    1. I know! Stefan is a real downer. Gotta love a man that can make you laugh, even if he killed his own nephew! How could you have missed this. Catch up, girl!

  4. I love hearing about newbies to TVD! I have to agree with everything you’ve said. Stefan and Elena may be the main characters, but Damon has definitely stolen the show; it looks like Caroline might be doing the same. Stefan and Caroline had such great chemistry, didn’t they? It’s setting up to be a fantastic season!

    1. I am so on the Stefan and Caroline bandwagon, which says a lot because I really like poor Matt. Maybe he can help Bonnie work out her issues. I want to shake her or make her hook up with Damon. I keep trying to find him a girlfriend!

  5. Loved your thoughts on this. I wasn’t too much into TVD in the first half of Season one, but boy, after that, the show got so impressive! I am so into Elena and Damon as a couple, and Stefan bores me but he sure is the most dependable guy you can have for a boyfriend. I hope Jeremy gets a meatier role, he sure is becoming more important to the storyline and I’m hoping he gets more screen time. I love his lines a lot.

    1. I have really been enjoying Stefan with Caroline. She manages to spice him up and make him just a tad bit more fun. I am kind of hoping that they go that route. He can battle to save her soul from Katherine.

  6. I’ve not seen the show and have obviously been missing out. Sometimes it is so nice to just lay on the couch and watch a really good show!