“Waiting On” Wednesday ~ The King’s Fool, by Margaret Campbell Barnes


waiting-on-wednesday“Waiting On” Wednesday is all about the books that we are anxiously awaiting; anticipating the day that they are published.  Jill over at Breaking the Spine is the host.  Thanks Jill!


Description on Amazon ~

First published in 1959 by world-renowned historical novelist Margaret Campbell Barnes, King’s Fool is a remarkable insider tale of the intrigue, ruthlessness, and majesty of the Tudor court. When country lad Will Somers lands himself the plum position of jester to the mercurial King Henry VIII, he has no idea that he’s just been handed a front-row seat to history.

With a seat near the throne and an ear to the floor, Somers witnesses firsthand the dizzying power struggles and sly scheming that marked the reign of the fiery Tudor king. Somers watches the rise and fall of some of the most enigmatic women in history, including the tragic Katherine of Aragon, the doomed Anne Boleyn, and Mary Tudor, who confided in the
jester as she made the best of the fragile life of a princess whom everyone wished was a prince.

Based on the life of the real Will Somers, King’s Fool is infused with Margaret Campbell Barnes’ trademark rich detail and
historical accuracy. This intimate peek into the royal chambers gives readers a unique view on one of the most tumultuous periods in English history.

Includes a bonus reading group guide written by the author’s great granddaughter.

Doesn’t this look good?  After reading and loving My Lady of Cleves, I  can’t wait ’til this one comes out in April 2009.  It’s being published by Sourcebooks Landmark.

So spill, what book are you waiting to get in your hot little hands?

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