Watching TV – The Vampire Diaries, Scandal, & Downton Abbey

Watching TVI watch TV sporadically, and when I do I always want to write about it.  What I watch changes from week to week changes and sometimes I don’t watch it at all, so think of these posts as little surprises. Who knows when they will pop up or what I will have watched! If you a sporadic watcher too, feel free to grab the button and talk about what you’ve been watching. I’ll so a round-up at the end of the month if you have posts to share.

The Vampire Diaries

Believe it or not I am actually up to date on this one, in spite of approaching the point when I have become rather “meh” about the whole thing. The vampire mythology totally mystifies me now – it has gotten too convoluted! With this episode, I was wondering why Tyler had to turn because Rebekah wanted him to? I thought he had broken his sire bond, or does that only work between him and Klaus? Confused now on that point. Or maybe she compelled him? Does anyone know? I am not the most careful viewer of this show so it is quite probable that I have missed something.

I like Rebekah, and I enjoyed seeing her put the screws to that trio (Caroline, Elena, Stefan). I can’t wait for Klaus to find out that little sister has been un-daggered, and that she ain’t happy. They had pretty much de-clawed Rebekah, and it was nice to see her pull them out and slash folks up. It’s one thing to show a vulnerable side to a “bad” character, but they had taken it to the extreme, an I had forgotten how vengeful and bad-ass she could be. Hear her roar.

Truth or Dare was genius.  I loved it and I loved what Elena had to say. The band-aid was ripped off in their little session, and I was glad that Elena got to see just where Caroline’s loyalties lie in addition to setting the record straight with Stefan. I have never really been a fan of Stefan. The goodness and the righteousness are a little too much for me. I have preferred him bad, but it looks like he is about to add a whole other level to it. But last night was the epitome of just why I don’t like him. Damon has sat on the side and watched all manner of things go down between Stefan and Elena and he and to grin, bear it, and try to be the better man, and he has because he loves her too. The minute Stefan’s heart is broken, he is the vengeful asshole, plotting and planning against EVERYONE. Poor baby, except I feel no sympathy for him at all. Go as fast as you can to Damon, Elena. I think if it would be interesting if Klaus could compel Stefan to remember her and how he felt about her. I wondered why Rebekah didn’t do it herself. It would be fun to see how Stefan would react to loving more than just Elena.

Please let Bonnie wake the hell up and do her own investigation into expression, instead of taking the word of the man she doesn’t know from Adam.  Her aspect of the story is snoozeville because I have a hard time with how gullible she’s being. Shane is creepy. Why aren’t alarm bells going off? Also, don’t Stefan and Damon know how bad expression is? They found out when they went to New Orleans. Seems like someone would have informed Bonnie, the good a righteous, just how much she is playing with fire

I like seeing Matt. Even though they have dragged him out if obscurity to play Jeremy’s vampire trainer. I was hoping that the would pair him with Rebekah so that he would have something, anything to do/take care of/ be involved with. But now that Stefan and Rebekah have formed an unholy alliance, I guess that is that. Boo.


I like this show against so much good sense. It is beyond out there, but yet, I watch it anyway. I was so happy when Cy and James adopted the baby. Aww. James has wanted this for so long. I hope it works out for more than a minute. Hmm.

I like Scandal and I watch it, but why do they have to strain credulity to the max? Huck getting played (and twice!) is just too much for me. Too much! He is smart, super assassin, who thinks of everything and this happens? Sigh. The first time he was all “in lurve”, but homegirl had almost killed the president and he is talking into cell phones? I think real Huck would have handled things more securely and not lost his family?

Liv in bed with the hospital bed with the prez. Smh. It looks like her thing with the congressman/senator, whoever he is, is done. Put I don’t want her with Fitz. Let them move on. There is nothing attractive about their relationship.  I have to watch the last half of the last episode. Hope my head doesn’t explode.

Oh, and why couldn’t she take the small olive branch that Mellie offered? They have had some rough times, but i was hoping. She sent them both back to business as usual.

Downton Abbey

I am generally late to the party in watching TV shows. This is no exception, but I am glad that I finally sat and watched the first three episodes. The show is pretty much like crack, and so soapy! I think I was expecting a drama that was really staid and I think I got more of that with the first episode, and can I tell you that I agonized over Bates and whether he would get to stay on as valet. I was so happy to see his relationship with Anna develop and that he slowly starts to fit in with the staff. The episode with his leg was hard to watch. Reminds me of something that would have happened on an episode of Little House on the Prairie. I am loving all the characters, but I am anxious to learn more about O’Brien and Thomas because their constant unhappiness and scheming keep me on the edge. The whole entail situation is rather galling, but at the same time, I like the family that stands to benefit, and it seems as if Matthew will be more into having Mary as a wife as he thought. Things changed quickly from the first episode to the second.

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  1. I’m so glad others are miffed about this season of TVD. I loved this show so much during the first three season, but I’ve had enough now. The characters have become utterly unrecognizable to me and the plot (like you said) so convoluted. I can’t understand why they would consider a Klaus spin-off series. Boo to the whole thing.

    I haven’t watched Scandal yet, but will absolutely be doing so at some point. It’s on Netflix so I’m not sure what I’m waiting for!

    As for Downton, maybe my favorite show of the moment – so much soapy goodness. I loved reading your comments knowing all the things you haven’t learned yet. You are definitely in for a treat!!

    1. I have a theory that tv shows get three good years, and then the fourth year is noticeably wtf, and by the fifth year they have lost half their original audience. I LOVED Bones, and that show was destroyed. I think I replaced it with TVD and now they are on that same road to hell. They have always burned through story lines incredibly fast, but I don’t even know what’s going on now. I am two steps away from not keeping up, but I am trying to enjoy Rebekah now that she is unstaked, and I would like to see a teeny bit of happy Damon and Elena. I’m watching for moments, cause I have no idea about this vampire hunter tattoo thing. I thought before break they said they didn’t even need it anymore. Am I crazy?

      Scandal is ridiculous, right out of the box. And everything mostly works out for them in a non-sensical way, but I love it. I guess if you must make no sense, just go for it from the beginning.

      Downton is crazy! I can’t believe that Turk died like that. Shocking! And I’m still wondering just exactly what he knew how to do so they could be all intimate and worry free back in the day. I have ideas, but they weren’t clear. I thought she had changed her mind and just knocked him over the head with something.

  2. Tyler could be compelled by Rebekah because she is an original and can compel other vampires, the same reason Caroline, Elena, and Stefan all had to do what she said. The show is definitely ridiculous and Stefan was so gross and the ending and the whole sire thing between Damon and Elena is gross and pretty much every character has been sacrificed in the name of the stupid triangle which is no longer deliciously angsty but just annoying and also kind of disgusting.

    So yeah lol TVD is terrible now.

    I liked the first season of Scandal but this season has burned through story so quickly and what did you say, “why do they have to strain credulity to the max?” lol yes this exactly.

      1. lulz I have no idea I think this show changes its mythology every episode. but it’s true that like….Klaus should never have any conflict bc he should ALWAYS be compel everyone to do what he wants!

        1. It does! It makes no sense. I don’t even bother to try to track the inconsistencies. I swear last time they were all we don’t need the vampire map and this week Jeremy has to kill vampires. And why would Tyler bother breaking a sire bond if Klaus or Rebekah or any other originals can just compel him to turn? Big waste of time and pain. I also could have sworn Rebekah said no “vamp walking” away from Tyler, yet they all ran for their lives after he turned. It is complete WTF.

  3. I watch Scandal and Downton. I agree, Scandal has gone way over the top, hope they reign it back in before it gets totally out of control. Love, love Downton. It is one show that I absolutely love my HD big screen TV – the costumes are beautiful.

    1. I know! Scandal gets a lot if slack from me because it started out setting the bar for ridiculous. I mean you knew from jump that you were going to be suspending major amounts of disbelief and basically loving it. But that Huck thing was just crazy. They obviously just wanted him involved in that mess because it made no sense.

      Since you said that about the costumes I have been paying more attention, and there are really gorgeous creations on screen. Thanks for the tip.

  4. I JUST – five minutes ago – turned on Season 1 Ep 1 of Downton Abbey. The hype is just too big to ignore. Glad you’re as behind as I am.

    1. I know! This is starting a series soon for me. It’s usually done by the time I start watching. Fringe just went off the air and I hear good things about that, I will probably start watching now.