While I’m Away…

I work in the Corporate Offices of an international retail company and we have board meetings six times a year. I’m in the midst one of those periods, and for two weeks it’s ALL work all the time, weekends included. The good news is the two week started last week and I was able to post and interact a wee bit. This week, not so much. Our meeting is on Thursday so I’ll be back to regular posting Saturday when I have had a chance to catch my breath. I se I have some new commenters whose posts I look forward to responding and whose blogs I look forward to reading. I also have my old friends that I want to catch up with. Thanks to you all for stopping by.

In the meantime may I suggest these sites for your reading pleasure?

Words to Mouth Carrie has an awesome sight. She has in-depth author interviews that really give a lot of great insight into why the author writes and their inspirations, plus she has reviews, audio interviews, giveaways and guest posts. The latest post up is a guest review of a book I reviewed here, Life After Genius. Carrie also posted my review of Testimony. Definitely check her out.

Just Write Blog Carnival Missy over at The Incurable Disease of Writing hosts a great carnival each week with interesting articles on the writing life as well as short stories, poetries, writing tips and more. She also post book reviews, for all of my fellow book lovers out there. Check out the latest issue of the carnival and also check her site for submission details.

Book Review Blog Carnival Ii head here to check out all the great reviews. Clark of I’ll Never Forget the Day I Read The Book does a wonderful job organizing. This week the carnival will be hosted at hos site. The next issue is November 23rd, and Clark will be hostig it at his site. You can go here to submit your review. Clark also tagged me for the Bookworms Award meme. I’m reading a really good book right now, so I will try to post it before Saturday and ask some of you all to do it as well. So consider yourself warned.

I owe Avis a post too, on 7 book things about me. That one is coming as well.

Writing posts doesn’t take a long time, but formatting them sure does. Anyone have any tips, tricks, shortcuts?

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  1. Hope your meetings go well and aren’t too exhausting! Glad to hear you’re still planning to do the meme!
    I hear you about the formatting taking the longest. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do about this either.

  2. Work gets in the way of my fun too πŸ˜€ Be glad when you are back and in the meantime I will be checking your comments for any trick or tips myself (although I use blogger and they probably wouldn’t help me). It just seems like there is no getting away from the pain of formatting. ( I wish I new more, I have have been wanting to overhaul my blog for a long time now)

  3. This explains why there in Oonly ONE post form you πŸ™‚
    I will check out the blogs u have mentioned here! Hope you have a good meeting going on there! πŸ˜€ [ what else do I say :)]